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Default Finding road textures in game
I'm working on a set of overlays for a road texture replacement and I think the package *might* be missing a Maxis texture, but I can't find the textures in game. I've tried everything I know about finding things (which isn't a lot, I admit) and nothing. Can someone please direct me to how to find these textures in the objects.package?
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TXTRs are located in the objects6.package, LIFOs are in objects7, 8 & 9, for the respective EPs.   Lot, road and neighborhood textures are different, and terrains have a different amount of textures (why? no idea), and then with seasons additional textures were added for snow.  So if you see a default terrain that has a different amount of resources than another terrain, don't think it's necessarily missing anything. The names used on each terrain vary, you have nh-temperate, lotskirt, lotskirtroad, temperateroad. Maybe try using one that works as intended in game and replace those textures?

I have a list of the resources I use most and where to find them in game here:  The location is the same for each EP/SP just under their respective game folders.  The rest of the commonly edited ones (BCON, BHAV, Pie, STR, etc) are in objects folder/objects.package.
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Thank you! I have been fumbling around with finding things for ages! This is very enlightening.

EDIT: This was very enlightening, but I still didn't find the road textures in those files. Still looking....

EDIT EDIT: I found an old post by iCad, where she tells where they are.
They are in the textures.package.
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