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Default Some sliders don't work after installing NRaas and custom sliders
Hello everyone

About a month ago, I watched this video about how to get custom sliders:

Only a few weeks ago, some of my sliders stopped working or aren't changing anything sliders such as the lips and the jaws aren't changing. What do I do? My settings on the CAS options are shown in the screenshot, and I didn't install any more sliders except the sliders in this video. The creator mentioned in the video that all her sliders are working and it is very recent Aapril 2020). When e.g I click the top lip, all the sliders on the top lip aren't working, same with the bottom lip. but when I click the "overall" lip customization, where the arms and breasts and chest etc. show, the lips there work. ( Please help me!

On the attachments, i sent a picture of my CAS options, and one of my character's mouth, (this is a secondary problem of mine) its height is too high but when i use the "Mouth Height" slider, it's already at its lowest but my mouth is still too high, how can I put it down T_T

The creator of the video hasn't replied to my comment 2 weeks ago so I thought anyone here could help me? I want to be able to play before my class starts and it saddens me that I cannot make the most out of what I have. Thank you!
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Usually what happens, is that once you exceed over 100 sliders in-game, the game will basically "pick and choose" which ones should work or not. Now, the weird thing is, this only happens in the version of CAS where you go into "create new family > CAS" Rather than the nraas CAS. (Nraas CAS would be Click on Sim > Advanced > Edit in CAS). NRAAS CAS is therefore the only thing that would fix it. At least to my knowledge :p

Hope this helps!
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