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Please help with adding trait conflicts
I am somewhat new to mod creation in the Sims 4 and I have been working on creating some new traits using Zerbu's Mod Constructor v4, however I am completely stumped as to how to add trait conflicts (such as how in base game Family Oriented conflicts with Hates Children). I have searched up and down the internet for a tutorial or explanation but nothing of particular use has turned up. I have tried dissecting/reverse-engineering existing mods for traits that are set up to conflict with other traits by opening them up in S4PE, but so far I have had little luck.

If anyone would be willing to give me a step by step explanation of the process of adding conflict, I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advanced,
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I use sims 4 studio for modding so cant help with mod constuctor. However you want to open up your trait tuning file and add this line of code in

<T n="cas_trait_asm_param">HatesChildren</T>
  <L n="conflicting_traits">

You will need to find the tuning id of the traits you want it to conflict with. You can do this with sims 4 studio by clicking tools and choosing extract tuning. In the search bar type trait/trait and look for the traits you want your conflicts with. Click add to current package.

<I c="Trait" i="trait" m="traits.traits" n="trait_HatesChildren" s="16844">

The first line of coding for the trait tuning files you just added will look similar to the above. You want to copy the number (in the case above the number 16844 and go back to your own traits tuning file and insert the number in the conflicting traits section.

<T n="cas_trait_asm_param">HatesChildren</T>
  <L n="conflicting_traits">
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You can only do it in Sims 4 Studio. I've never been able to add a conflict in Mod Constructor.

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What I do- as do others who have conflicts in their traits, I presume- is make my traits in Constructor and edit them in Studio. What you want to do is edit the Sim Data and Trait Tuning of your traits. For example, one of my traits conflicts with Evil, Mean, and Hot-Headed, so here is the code in Sim Data:
<L name="conflicting_traits">
        <T type="TableSetReference">16836</T>
        <T type="TableSetReference">16857</T>
        <T type="TableSetReference">16845</T>

And Trait Tuning:
<L n="conflicting_traits">

However. What the previous posters failed to clarify is that if you just do this and call it a day, you'll only get a half conflict. That is, if you select my trait, Evil/Mean/Hot-Headed will be greyed out, but if you select, say, Evil, my trait will not be greyed out, and will be selectable- meaning you can have them together as long as you select Evil/Mean/Hot-Headed first. This is not good!
So you have to click Tools -> Extract Tuning..., search for and insert the data for the relevant traits, and add your trait to the conflicts list. This will also mean your mod will be incompatible with any other mods that have the same trait involved in a conflict, meaning only one mod's conflicts will register, but it is what it is.
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