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Default Compatibility Testing for a Christmas Light remover!

I've put together a nifty little object that I was sorely wishing I had earlier during my winter rounds: A Fairy Light remover! This is a box with my face on it found under Misc./Misc. for 0§ and comes with three options; Delete the Fairy Lights outright, sell the Fairy Lights for what they were purchased, or sell the Fairy Lights for their depreciated value. The Fairy Lights in question are namely the three Wall Lights by Xtremeholiday Sporting

What I'm looking to test:
I get the impression that there might be some demand for this mod so I'm endeavouring to make it as widely available as possible. I've created two versions, a Base Game version, which I'm curious to see if it will work, and the version made with all packs that could potentially be backwards compatible. Regardless, some form of "Holiday Edition/Pack/Whatchamacallit" is required; please also state which combination you'll be using e.g. Base Game + The Sims 2: Happy Holiday Stuff or what have you. (Given my particular game configuration, I'm hesitant to using AGS.) Also, don't use both versions of the object simultaneously.

(As a side note if anyone has any idea where I can find info on what engine the Holiday stuff uses that would be a big help.)

Cheers! :0

Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar BartekStu-FairyLightKiller.rar (22.7 KB, 6 downloads)
File Type: rar BartekStu-FairyLightKiller_Basegame.rar (22.4 KB, 6 downloads)
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