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Default Help: Editing/translating an existing career mod
Hi there, I'm hoping this is the right place to ask for this. I found a Sims 4 Career I really like but it's not available in English. I've contacted the creator but they haven't been around in months.
This career is pretty in depth and involves career rewards etc, but I don't need to edit anything other than the text from French to English. I can pretty much only speak English, so I don't mind google translating it all and then revising it until it makes sense, but I'm completely new to modding and wouldn't even know where to start. I have no intention of re-uploading it anywhere, I just want to use it myself. Could anyone help with advice? Thanks!
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There are tutorials if you search. Here is one:

Creator Musings is a Sims 4 modder and CC creator hangout server (though everyone is allowed) with a tutorial/resource directory, help channels, and mod/cc/sims 4 news channels!
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This suggestion worked perfectly, thanks for your help!
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