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Default I want to recolor a hacked object based on the tombstone of life and death...
I'm struggling to make a simple change to this hacked sim portrait by aussie topenders. I just wish to make the background white so that my darker skinned sims show up better. Can I simply replace the object texture in SimPE without using the Object Creator? Because it's based on the tombstone of L&D, the object creator seems to be having trouble finding the files. In fact, it's not picking them up at all. I create a new recolor package but there's nothing in it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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-Open the file, see if you find the black texture (a TXTR resource, should be a fully black picture). Save it to your desktop.
-Make it white (or any other color you'd like as a background) in a picture editing program and save as PNG.
-Re-import as DXT1 or DXT3 (you can use Import, but then you also need to do "Update all sizes").
-Click "Commit" and save the file.

You really don't have to do anything else. You won't have the option of a black background any longer, though.

(It's possible you could be creative and put in a textured background, but you'd need to use DXT3 or DXT5, because Import and DXT1 usually give a grainy result).

I had a look at the file you wanted to do the same with over at GoS (I'm Theraven over there - I'm guessing you're Terula here, too?), and it wasn't recolorable. It's possible it can be made recolorable, but that's a whole process, and I'm not so sure it's a good idea to start messing around too much with it when it's a modded object of this kind.
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This hacked sim portrait uses a special case of primitive 0x6D Change Material to add the Sims Graphic as the picture I think from the Sim's Character File or maybe CASTumbnails with the background included. The picture is generated by the game .
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