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Default I need help making some animations
I am not sure if I'm in the right place, please correct me if I'm not. I am wanting some animations made to any kind soul out there who makes them or a very specific guide how to do them myself! It's for Sims 3.

Attached are videos of the animations I want.

So what I am looking for is a large jump (like Bella does, hopping over the river) and then jumping onto the animal. And the mountain climbing. Any kind soul out there that could potentially do this? I gladly discuss pricing if you charge. '

Thank you!!
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Hey there,
Requests aren't allowed on MTS, but here are some good tutorials to get you started!
Here is one for making poses which is detailed and goes through the whole process to get them in game.
And here is a beginner's one for making animations.
Hope this helps!
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wow okay, thank you! i am sorry, i didn't realize request were against the rules - i apologize!
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