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Default Twinbroke (a post-apocalyptic Twinbrook) - need feedback/advice
As you already know, I've been working on a post-apocalyptic version of Twinbrook from Ambitions. Why Twinbrook? Firstly it was supposed to be Moonlight Falls, but for some reason I decided to change the town. IMHO Twinbrook seems more suitable because of the climate of the city and its inhabitants. Why an apocalypse? I love Fallout, especially 3 and New Vegas, and this was my primary inspiration. I started 2,5 years ago and the world is still in progress. Apart from cosmetic changes, there are also significant changes in the gameplay which make it more difficult to survive in harsh conditions.
I introduced the following changes. The list may not be complete. If you feel like discussing and/or giving ideas, feel free to do so.
- Rabbitholes are closed and inaccessible. There are no interactions when you click on them. It means no jobs, shopping, rabbithole-related opportunities, classes, entertainment, shows etc.
- I raised the water level. The swamps are completely submerged, the "artistic district" is partially flooded. The pier and the beach are partially flooded as well. The modern house near the amphitheater is flooded but inhabitable.
- Most houses are ruined and uninhabitable (they have no edit town icons). However, they're available for looting.
- The museum, beach and the beauty salon have been converted into residential lots. The fire station is a motel.
- There are 3 mansions and 4 hotels in the "luxurious district" which is walled. This district has been hit less but still looks nowhere near what it used to before the apocalypse.
- In order to use the fireplace and fire pit you need wood. You can pick it up or cut down trees.
- In order to take a shower, bath or wash your hands, you need buckets of water which you can pick up or get from rain colectors.
- There's an increased chance of a meteor strike. Houses and hotels have sirens which will go off when a meteor is about to fall.
- Sirens also go off during full moon. Zombies are more dangerous but efficient defence system can be purchased.
- Only apocalyptic clothes (ripped, with holes etc.) are available when you create a family. To unlock more outfits you need a stylist station. You cannot change appearance in the mirror. You need a stylist station.
- No group servings available. You can only cook one serving and need 3 ingredients instead of the default 1. One meal doesn't satifsy all hunger, only a half.
- Watching TV is disabled altogether. You can listen to the radio but it has only one station. You cannot buy the radio in Buy Mode. You have to find it.
- You cannot sell furniture in Buy Mode. You have to put it in family inventory and sell it at a consigner store in one of the hotels.
- EA furniture isn't available in Buy Mode. You have to create it yourself using the scultping station or the inventing station.
- EA lights are dimmer. Lights which use electricity (from Ambitions and base game) can't be turned on. You have to other sources of light.
- Car and boat routing are disabled. You can use a modded bicycle to travel in the world.
- Cell phones are disabled. Telephones don't work, which means no pizza anymore, unless you find one in one of the ruined houses under a pile of rubble (yummy lol).
- Clothes are dirty. Don't expect your sims to wear a clean white shirt. You can't plan outfits using dressers. Visit a stylist.
- Sims are no longer willing to invite strangers to their houses. You have to befriend them before they allow you in.
- No snacks from the fridge. you have to find or buy them yourself.
- No bills, curfew or social service for your sims.
- Male sims can pee anywhere (hooray!)
- Computers and laptops are disabled
and many more changes I forgot to mention but promise to update the list.

You can watch a short intro here:

and see a couple of pictures which you may have seen in some other threads.

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Omg honey, that's an amazing idea, I was looking for an apocaliptic world but I would never thought there is someone with idea as amazing as changing whole gamplay to really give this post apocalypse vibe. Is it possible to download or sth, even for just beta testing?
I really didn't think someone still creates such major things in sims 3 and I hate that you didn't get any responses here.
(tak wgl to pozdrowienia od zioma z Polski)
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Dobrze wiedzieć, że jest tu jeszcze ktoś z Polski. Skąd jesteś? Może ze Szczecina lub okolic? Na razie mam zaległości, ale często mam tak, że przez jakiś czas nie chce mi się tego robić, ale później zabiorę się za to konkretnie i sporo się dzieje. Myślałem o nagraniu gry próbnej, ale jakoś nie mogę się za to zabrać. Szkoły zamknięte, więc wydawałoby się, że jest więcej czasu, a niestety tak się nie dzieje :/ Muszę wstawić obrazki jeszcze raz, bo nie działa.

Good to know there's someone from Poland. Where are you from? Maybe from Szczecin or neaby? I'm falling behind for the time being but I often don't feel like doing it but then I get down to it thoroughly and a lot is happening. I've been thinking about recording a gameplay but can't get down to it. Schools are closed, so I'm supposed to have more time, but this is not the case :/ I have to upload the pictures one more time because doesn't work.
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An update. Apart from mysterious fires and zombie attacks, there has been some progress made in the last 3 months. Sims who lost their homes after, what they call 'the explosion', gathered in the Twinbrook amphitheater and built a shanty town from scratch. You can see it in the picture. For the tie being it's a regular residential lot, but I'm thinking of changing it into a different type of lot, but currently have no idea what it would be. The last picture shows one of the houses demolished after 'the explosion'. It's uninhabitable, as most houses in the area.

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Cool photos! :D
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Hey mate just saw this looks very well done, how are you doing all of the gameplay features? You modding it yourself?
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Oh, @Axen the creator of Off-Grid Inventing mod. I'm using some other creators' mods like woodcutting mod, no free snacks, off-grid water collecting system etc. I also created my own XML mods and other modifications like OBJD, OBJK, CAST alterations, changing things in CAW, texture and mesh replacing etc. I edited all the lots myself using objects I converted myself but also some other creators' CC.

The modern house situated close to the amphitheater. It's partially submerged, but it's possible to swim and get in.

The luxorious district on a hill with mansions, 5 of which were turned into resorts, 2 became regular lots.

Town center. Rabbit holes are inaccesible, so no interactions appear when you click on them and sims cannot get in.

Another view, with the Twinbrook school. All rabbitholes have a custom LOD3, which in some cases looks wonky, but only when zoomed out.

One of the hotels. At the very beginning I used Midnight Hollow's lighting but it was too much for me and decided to pick a different lighting mod.

The containers in this picture are actually resort towers. They're a fully-working rabbit holes with animated doors.
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