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Default Add wallmask to an object
Is it possible to add a wallmask to an object?
I already know that there are decorative objects that were cloned from a door or window to give the illusion that they are inserted into the wall.
But what I want to do is add a wall mask to an object, in this case a closet, so that it behaves like the closet that came with the Apartment Life expansion.
Is that possible? Or maybe I should clone a door or window and then add the animations and functions of a closet to it?
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Tried (first) to extract whatever you need from the object you want to change, and then clone the closet?

I think the AL closet has a lot of functions, so if you want anything that works like it, best way is to clone it. If you just want the wallmask, I think I've seen a tutorial on editing them (here on MTS, possibly on either doors/windows, sinks, or both), not sure on adding to objects that don't already have them.
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