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Default Offensive Content
Is Black Lives Matters content being rejected for being offensive? This is being shared on social media a and I'm assuming there's some sort of misunderstanding here but would like clarification if possible.
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Here's the full rejection message:

Thanks for such a wonderful upload. We do appreciate this a lot

Due to the sensitivity of certain things that may sound offensive, and for the fact that BLM is such a movement that fights against certain injustice being that it somehow relates to the demonstration against killing and death of certain races we are sorry we will not be accepting this upload for now

Hopefully its a great day over there.

Once again we are deeply sorry for not accepting this

While we can understand the notion that we believe BLM content is offensive, this is not the intent of the rejection.  In this case, what I think the rejection says is that it's a very sensitive subject at the moment, and politicizing an upload for a Sims game usually leads to conflict and tension within the comments section, or in PMs.  I do agree, though, that the wording of the actual rejection could probably have been worked on a bit more, especially given the current situation.  It's something we are always constantly working on, but obviously sometimes messages don't come across in text form very well especially when English is a second language for a lot of staff.  We should probably have run the rejection through a few more layers before sending it out, and that's on us.  I do apologise for that. 

I think the objective here wasn't to say that BLM content is offensive, but that it's a very charged topic right now and while we can appreciate that some simmers want to recreate real life in the game, many others just want to use the game as an escape.  We also believe that there are better ways to show support for the black communities than to upload a save file.  

Racism is a huge thing that impacts a lot of lives; black lives do matter, and what happens is sad and frustrating on many levels - especially so for those directly involved, and those who have lost loved ones.  However, we feel that there are better ways to tackle this than to upload a save file here. Talk to your police chiefs, the police unions, the budgetary committees, congressmen and women, senators; support local businesses; open a dialogue with people who can make a difference.  By working together and directing energy in the right places, a lot can be achieved to make things better.

Hope this clears things up.


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What is this upload really about? Is it just some scribbling on the roads? I do understand the need for reforms in the US, but by just scribbling on the roads?
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Thank you, Tashiketh.
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