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Default Scripting New Project Template
I've written a new project template for scripting. It works for any editor (Not just PyCharm). Link Here. It uses python to automate most of the compiling, decompiling, and even has ability to automate debugging with a real debugger but the debugging functionality is only available in PyCharm Pro unfortunately.

I understand andrew wrote a similar tutorial that's really great and many people are using, including myself for a long while, but it uses some old tooling and an odd workflow where you place all of your projects into one project when normally each project is separate.

I wanted to create an editor agnostic project template that was inspired from andrew's tutorial but is a modern project on Github so it can have collaboration and a place to track issues and that receives updates with fixes or new features and capabilities like the debug update I made recently.

I've written 2 tutorials on how to use it as well, the getting started walkthrough and the debugging walkthrough

I hope you like it, this isn't just for beginners, I think it's a great starter project for any mod.
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