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Default Distorted ankle after swapping shoes - MESHING?
I'm very new to meshing! I'm following the beginner tutorials here.

I am mixing together 3 Maxis meshes. I have succeeded in changing sleeves on a dress. Now I want to change out the shoes for boots. I followed the tutorial (Unimesh/Milkshape Tutorial 3) and the right boot has worked out fine. The left boot, however, has become distorted as seen in Bodyshop, although it looks fine in Milkshape. I'm sure I did the same for both feet. What is the problem here?
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Did you do any manual changes to the joint assignments? If you did, make sure you did the left/right assignments properly. They're very easy to get wrong, especially if you look from the left or right angle.

If you copy from another mesh or use the left or right view, it can be a good idea to finish one leg, then hide that leg and do the other one. Make sure to check the mesh with the "Draw vertices with bone colors" when you think you're done, just to make sure you don't have any stray vertices painted with the wrong color. Also, if anything is still grey it's not assigned (but you'll get a waarning if it's not).

Also make sure all the vertices are 100% assigned (easily done by clicking the "ANIM" button on and off - if anything moves, it's not fully assigned).

If you've used any auto tools for joint assignments, these can sometimes get left/right mixed up in the middle parts of a mesh if it's close enough.
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