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Default Web-based TDESC Browser
Hi creators! I recently got into modding, and as a web developer still had a hard time translating the "Tunable" terms into working xml, even using the legendary Scumbumbo's TDESC browser. I wanted a quick way to comprehend the U, V, L, E, etc tags, view all tests and test_globals, save favorites, and read the docs even while on macOS. So I've built a web based browser! Not sure if this is the right category to share this, but I wanted to start getting involved with the community, pay it forward, and try to make this tool as helpful as it can be together so feedback is welcome!

- No tdesc files required!
- Will be updated with each patch, with older versions available through a dropdown
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Could you please make it so that unless we click the +/- the trees don't collapse by themselves? It's really frustrating trying to double check the top level and it just collapses everything and you have to click every single one to open the lowest level again. Thanks for making this amazing tool though, I especially can't wait for the tuning generator!

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Hi MizoreYukii! You are so right, and thank you . It was an easy change to make. The generator will be a feat, but seems like the next logical step!

Also in lieu of starting a new thread until it's complete, I've started working on a searchable index of all the actual tuning files with their icon and string references. It's now in a somewhat usable state on the Simdex page! It shows detailed info about Buffs, Interactions, Aspirations, Careers, Skills, Traits, and Motives - and I'll be detailing more over time, and reindex as patches are released. I don't currently have the funds (nor the desire) for some packs so they are excluded and listed at the top of the page for clarity.
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Happy Patch Day! No TDESC updates to report, however all buffs, interactions, and string tables have been re-indexed for the new Scared mood in the Simdex. Search by Scared's Tuning ID: 251719 to see all the new buffs.

Edit: I take it back, TDESC 1.70.84 is now available!
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