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Default Custom Collectibles

I'm trying to figure out how to add collectible items to existing household collections (frogs, metals etc) or even better how to make my very own collection to fill with collectibles. I've started poking around with the xml file called objects.collection_manager, but I can't get my changes to show up in game. I even tried to just change the name of a collection to see if my changes stuck, but no luck.

What I did was I extracted the tuning and sim data file, edited them and packaged them in a .package-file. Am I missing something to get the new collection_manager to override the default one?

If anyone have any pointers on how to proceed to make a custom collection mod, I'd be happy to hear them. I'm new to modding but familiar with different types of programming, so a bit of coding is no problem. Just need to know where to start. If this even possible, that is.

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So I've taken a long break, but I still want to do this mod.

I've started making some python mods and have a decent understanding on how mod things there. I've managed to get a custom collection to work. I can collect my objects in game and I get notifications if I find an item and/or complete the collection just like the EA collections. What doesn't work is I can't see them in the Household collection panel.

Since tuning or python didn't help me I had to dive deeper to the GFX packages and eventually found a relevant action script to edit the collection UI. In here I can duplicate existing collections, change their names etc. I also found this:

new CollectionData(CommunicationManager.CallGameService("GetCollectionStaticData") as Array);

It seems to be fetching collection data with the from the flash container. And here's where I'm stuck. What is the container in this context? Where can I find this "GetCollectionStaticData"? Anyone with a clue?
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