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Default Weird recoloring bug on mesh

I just created a recoloring of the basegame shorts by adding some black high waisted fishnet stockings. So far I am pretty happy with the result and it works fine for most meshes. Longer shirts are usually tucked under the stockings or cover them up:

However I get this weird bug when I try to combine them with this sweater:

This bug doesn't occur when I combine this sweater with other high waisted pants:

I have no idea how to fix this, do you have any suggestions? I am considering uploading my recoloring after some final texture cleanups and I would like to fix this bug before sharing (or at least understand where it comes from to give a warning on the description site!)

Credits for the beautiful custom shirts:
Lace Shirt:
Green Hoodie:
Purple Sweater:
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It's technically not a recolor bug, just how tops/bottoms normally behave. Under normal circumstances, bottom textures overlay tops. If the texture of the bottom is long enough to overlap, it will do so.

I'm guessing the top's UVmap/texture is long enough to reach down to some bottoms. It would depend how the bottoms that work are UVmapped and textured (I'm guessing the UVmap/texture on these go lower than the one(s) you have issues with, despite the meshes going higher).

You can pair the top with a different bottom that doesn't give this effect (that's the easiest solution), edit the alpha of the bottom to make an "untuckable" bottom outfit that works with the top (should be relatively easy), or edit the UVmap and texture of the top and/or bottoms (could be varying results).

Another solution is to make the sweater part of the outfit into a "noblend" mesh group (standalone from the skin group, using the "SimStandardMaterial" shader instead of the "SimSkin" shader), so it doesn't blend with the bottom. That's how it's done when people for instance make TS3/4 conversions, or long top-only outfits, because then the outfits don't need heavy remapping to work with skin. (By the way - the "Noblend" group doesn't have to be called "Noblend" - the name isn't important as long as it's not the same name as the original group. Just saying because if you look at these files or recolor them, this type of group will have different names from outfit to outfit).


The green hoodie has a "noblend" type of mesh group and overlays the pants just fine.

The pink one doesn't have a "noblend" so some long pants will overlay the top.

The green lace top has a mix, but it seems the "noblend" is for the arms and not the torso, so in this case it seems to work the same as the pink one.
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Thank you, that was very insightful! I think the best option for me would be to just create an untuckable bottom as an option. I just realized during further testing that this error occurs with some other tops as well and I would like my bottom to work with all kind of custom content. Maybe all those holes in the fishnets confused the mapping process in the upper part of the bottom where the overlapping happens. Btw learning from you about the "noblend" group might provide really helpful for more advanced projects in the future, thanks!
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There's some tutorials here - you probably should read tutorials on making clothes and tops/bottoms first, though. (some more info on subsets) (somewhat advanced, you might not need all of it, but it shows how to make bottoms and how to add morphs, plus a few other useful things) (quick way to add the groups to a recolor file)

Some 3t2/4t2 tutorials (the SimPE/Bodyshop parts) can also be of some help if you're strugging with the "noblend" group.
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Sure, if I made the impression that I didn't look up any basics before retexturing + posting then that's a misunderstanding Anyways I bookmarked the links as they might provide very useful in future projects.
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Those are tutorials on how to separate or fix the meshes (and recolor files, because those would also need fixing) so they aren't overlapped by the bottom outfit - and not recoloring tutorials. They're for the "noblend" kind of meshes/texture files. Thought they could come in handy if you ever decide to go that route.

There's also other ways, like editing the UVmap - but I think the Unimesh tutorials (probably part 2 or 3) cover how to do that (alternatively, tutorials that cover how to add shoes and such).

I figured you'd already looked for solutions to how to edit alphas and such.

There's a handy tutorial database here, if you're ever on the lookout for tutorials:
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Awesome, that's a great ressource. Thank you again, it's all bookmarked
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