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#1 Old 13th Feb 2021 at 11:14 AM
I want to make a mod for banning sims for flooding and spam. What to do?
I want to add blocking sims for flooding on forums and spam, but for this I tried to make a "Banned" moodlet (or buff) so that the sim had the impression that he was banned for flooding and / or spam. So far, I'm just learning how to make fashion. I did not find the relevant lessons (although I may be bad looking), so I did everything at random, and it was in the "Mod Constructor V4" program (latest version) that I added the components on the "Buff Info" screen (I called "banned buff info"), "Emotion" (I called "banned emotion"), "Timeout String" (I called "banned timeout") and "Duration" (I called "banned duration").

How do I test this moodlet? What lesson can you advise me?
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