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Test Subject
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#1 Old 16th Feb 2021 at 1:17 AM Last edited by Biara25 : 20th Feb 2021 at 8:18 PM. Reason: UPDATE
TESTING REQUIRED Fixed Veronaville template with ALL sims intact UPDATED* 20/02/2021
Hey everybody!

In the past several months I've been working on my fixed version of Veronaville with all sims intact, keeping it as close as possible with the Maxis version that ships with the game.
The other versions available in the web are not entirely what I was personally looking for. So I decided to do it myself!

Maxis Veronaville is considered to have been left incomplete with tons of inconsistencies, errors, oversights, corruption and other unfinished business left by the developers, so I went through a lot of fixes and adjustments to turn Veronaville into a safe hood to play.

I've run it through HoodChecker several times, and apart from the initial cleaning of junk nothing else has come up. So far it's working fine for me. However, I need more people to test and make sure things are working smoothly. I've done all editing with external programs/tools.
If you notice anything, even any little detail that doesn't seem right, please let me know in the comments below! Hopefully everything is fine!

This neighborhood template has never been initialized which means, everything like all scripted events can be experienced as intended by Maxis.
EDIT: Although, it requires EP1 (University) or UC because an EP1 memory was added ("very first woohoo!")

Important notes:

1. The memories in the premade Maxis Veronaville are extremely messy and inconsistent and don't match many relationships and storyline. For this reason, and in the interest of saving time and avoid a massive hassle, I basically used Tarlia's very well done memory timeline, with some personal adjustments/changes. So regarding the way sim memories are structured in my template, all credit goes to Tarlia!
2. All sim ages were adjusted to match Tarlia's because it makes sense with her memories timeline that I also used as I mentioned above. After all this are connected.
3. Hal's facial structure was extracted from Tarlia's template because she already had his broken face template fixed.
4. Caliban's apperance (facial structure, hair and clothing) was also extracted from Tarlia's template because she fixed his corrupt face and his randomized appearance.
Again all credit for this fixes goes entirely to Tarlia! By going through all those, I realised how hard it must have been for her to fix all that huge "maxoide" mess!

All townies and NPCs with broken face templates have been fixed! - UPDATED* 20/02/2021

Affected sims:
Sierra Zhang (Burglar)
Barbara Young (Gardener)
Curtis Ryan (Adult townie)
Regina Tsvirkunov (Adult townie)
April Hutchins (Adult townie)

Installing notes:
It is known that copying a new hood directly into the save game folder can wipe out the neighbourhood story of all your neighbourhoods. So, I recommend you backup the original first by moving or renaming it and then replace with my N003 template. Next, allow the game to generate a new save game folder, instead of dumping it into your existing neighborhoods folder.

If you fancy testing this out, I would be very gratefull. All feedback and help will be much appreciated!

UPDATED* 20/02/2021 (Please re-download the updated version below and delete the previows one)

Download updated fixed Veronaville

Download updated Changelog

I hope you like it!
Mad Poster
#2 Old 18th Feb 2021 at 12:49 AM
I've been playing Maxis Veronaville since November 2012 when I first started up the game. Having added 3 sub-hoods and over 100 CAS Sims to it, I'm afraid I'm far too deeply involved with and committed to my existing Veronaville to consider switching to a new version, no matter how good it is. Sorry.

However may I make a couple of comments?

I think you might need EP1 (University) for the "very first woohoo!" memory to work properly. I've always had Nightlife and, after a while added Open for Business, but I never saw the "very first woohoo!" memory until I added EP1 comparatively recently. I have the absurd situation that Sims who have been having woohoo for years have recently acquired memories of their "very first woohoo!" Some of them have had four children before their first woohoo!

If you're sharing it for other people you might want to consider trying to fix the broken face templates of the townies and NPCs, as your downloaders may want to play them. In my game April Hutchins is now a playable -- married to Consort at Capp Manor no less. Consort is now Consort Hutchins-Capp. Regina Tsvirkunov is on the verge of becoming playable. Years ago Consort beat April up outside a little mews shop on the Italian side of the town. Unable to beat him in a fight, April set about using all her wiles as a Romance Sim to seduce him and marry him. Now she'll have his child, and that child is set to inherit his not inconsiderable personal fortune; April will thus separate Consort from what he really loves most -- his money. I think she grown quite fond of the old fool by now, but she'll still take his money. She reckons it's no more than he deserves.

Regina for her part is just one of the nicest people in all Veronaville. She has supported the Welcome Wagon over the years and always finds time to talk to the new residents and listen to their concerns. Recently she has become friends with Ginger Newson. She can see the Newsons' situation is far from ideal, and, at Ginger's invitation, she is ready to move into the picturesque little hovel in the shadow of Veronaville's iconic aqueduct, which has been the Newsons' home for the last few years.

As for the others, I see Curtis Ryan quite often, but he hasn't made the sort of mark in my game that April and Regina have made. Barbara Young tends the gardens for quite a few of my Sims, but I know none of them wants a visit from a burglar!

Sorry I can't really help with testing but I really don't think my head would cope with playing two versions of Veronaville at once. I wish you every success though. Veronaville is by far my favourite 'hood, though often under-appreciated. I think the old Tudor-style houses are quite beautiful. Yes, they can be a bit impractical for modern living, but you have to remember these houses are over 400 years old. If I could, I'd buy the little house in Poet Place and spend the rest of my life living with my Sims.

All Sims are beautiful -- even the ugly ones.
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Test Subject
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#3 Old 18th Feb 2021 at 11:54 PM
Hey AndrewGloria!

Thank you for your feedback. It's nice to hear what other people do on their hoods and I perfectly understand your point about being committed with your current Veronaville. That's absolutely fine

I took into consideration your advice about fixing those townies and NPCs that I left untouched.
When I started this project, I didn't intend to share or upload anywhere because I was just doing something for myself that I personally couldn't find anywhere. Later I realized how much time and effort (and pain lol) this takes and end up feeling it was worth to share with other simmers that would like to have this "kinda loyal-to-maxis" Veronaville
So I never bothered fixing those sims because I was not planning to play with them. But, now that I'm sharing this, fixing them makes sense! Just because I don't intend to play those sims, it doesn't mean other people may not. So hopefully I will have them fixed over the next weekend and will upload the hood again soon

Regarding the memory "very first woohoo" I was not aware of anything like you experienced and really thought that the memory was incorporated in the other expansions too. I just edited my post to only EP1 is required.

Thank you!
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