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Sim State Manager Tool / Mod Idea
Good evening everyone!

Just picked up The Sims 2 again after my desperation for an OFB expansion (I don't play TS4 as I don't use origin)!

Now I'm here I'm interested in creating a tool that will allow players to run a fictional (obviously :P) 'state' in their neighhourhoods, the idea being this would be a piece of external software which would show you the rules/track your progress etc as you build up the town.

Goals for the external software to simulate would be:

-Town Funds (Tax Amounts, Import/Export Limits)
-Sim Roles (Mayor, Citizen, Police, Fireman, Doctor etc)
-Laws (Enacted or not by the player, putting limits on what is allowed to take place in your world)
-Town commodities (Power, Water, Garbage etc)
-A reward / town level system that would showcase the towns level/allow more features/perks (for example higher import/export limits etc)

And finally to help support this idea I'm looking into BHAV mods to maybe create a custom computer that would allow you manage basic sim state interactions in game such as rewarding your sims when you perform certain tasks etc and maybe some text overlays at the side to remind you to update the software at say 6am or something along those lines!

All just ball park ideas but before I properly embark on developing a system/enhanced ruleset like this I'm wandering whether this would be of interest to any current Sims 2 players? If so what would you like to see?

Finally if this is an idea that people could get onboard for it would be interesting to gradually work on my actually *ingame* modding skills to enhance the link between the game and the software.

That's all I have for now!

Thanks for your time!

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If you're able to take the data from the game (as in "How many child / fund / LT points has each sim / family ?") and show them in a clear and organized way, I'm really interested. It seems so hard to do and possibly gamebreaking ...

I believe in the "Thanks" button and its amazing powers !!!
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Ahhh okay yeah no it wasn't quite this idea really more as a support for players to enter their own data. I've decided to take some ideas for this an implement it into my Sims 3 mod to make it more cohesive now. Thanks for your response!
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