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Default Creating An Accessory (Non-Meshed) Shirt: Advice, Please
I'm trying to turn the store "Revel" top into an accessory undershirt. (It really looks very Greco-Roman to me, and I thought it would look great beneath the available tunic-style dresses.) However, although I put all the images (multiplier, mask, specular, etc.) into TSRW, it's coming out looking less like an accessory shirt and more like...some very weirdly placed body paint. How can I fix this? Thanks!
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What mesh are you using to paste your textures onto?

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Look at the texture for the original top, I don't have it handy but the sleeves might not be textured on top of the arms. I attached the male UV map but the female one is similar enough, notice how the arms are on the top halves and on either edge of the map. While the sleeves and other details might be below the arms in that extra red space.

EDIT: the original texture of Revel plus commentary on how it works:

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