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Default Mod Constructor - Lot trait
Hi guys!

I'm trying to create a Chernobyl-like, radiation related mod by using a lot trait. I'm pretty new to modding, so I'm using the Mod Constructor by following youtube tutorials, but they don't really show the parts I need . So far, I have managed to create the lot trait, with a buff and even add an interaction but for some reason, in the game it's duplicated. I also tried to add some random buffs after the interaction is ran but they never appear, only cause LEs. I have some questions

- Is it possible to add random buffs after an interaction is ran without an LE and the buff actually appearing?
- How can I stop the duplication of an interaction?
- Is it possible to add a chance of death after certain amount of time spent on the lot? Or just randomly appearing dazed buff after leaving the lot?
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I would recommend asking in Zerbu's Discord server, not many people who use MC visit here often.

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