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Default The Sims 4 Walking Dead Challenge

Back at it again with this whole challenge stuff.
This Challenge is half “Survive this”, half Legacy, and based around the various stages the main group in the TV Show “The Walking Dead” went through. You don’t need to have watched it to play this challenge, but many requirements will feel arbitrary if you haven’t.
Since these aren’t really, uh, generations, I will refer to the individual parts of this challenge as “Stages”

Packs required:
Outdoor Retreat, Seasons, Eco Lifestyle, Get Together, City Living, Discover University, Get to Work

The Setup:
- You will need either Triplis’ “Kids Quit School” mod ot MCCC to make quitting school possible.
- Create your founder and any number of other survivors in CAS, Two of these additional survivors need to be children.
- Use your own physical dice or find an online dice roller, you will need that!

General Rules:
- It’s the Apocalypse, so buy mode is heavily restricted. You can’t just go to Ikea and buy new couch!
You will need to use the fabrication and handiness skills to make furniture! Some Random Events and generational rules may allow you to get stuff otherwise

- You may only cook with ingredients you have! If you play this after the release of Cottage Living, use the Lot Challenge!

- You will always play off the grid!

- The monetary cost of crafting is considered “materials”. You can "barter” for materials by using the selling table from City Living, or sell furniture and stuff you scavenged, thus “dismantling” it and salvaging it.

- Any children you have aside from the two you create in CAS automatically suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls they perform, on account of being children.

- Randomized townies you encounter are generally considered zombies. (or WaLkErS of you don’t wanna use the evil Z word). If they engage you in conversation, consider it an attack and roll a d20, adding 1 for every two levels of fitness the Sim in question has. Below a 15, they get injured in the scuffle and are out of comission for the rest of the day. Below a 10, they get infected and die

- Pregnant and elderly Sims cannot perform any chores or other survival tasks and suffer the same -2 penalty as children!

- Every ingame week, roll on the random events table!

- Play with normal lifespan!

Stage 1: The Atlanta Survivors Camp
You just survived the Apocalypse’s initial outbreak and you are settling with a small group outside a large city. However, calamity soon threatens your little sanctuary.

- Move your household anywhere with freerealestate, then take a vacation on the campground lot in Granite Falls.
- Set your money to 5k and start your grind. When you can no longer extend your vacation, your camp gets overrun and you are forced to flee. Roll Fitness checks for each member of your group and disable/kill accordingly.
- If your founder dies in this, appoint a new one from the surviving sims

Stage 2: Hershel’s Farm
After getting out of the overrun camp and having a little happening at the CDC, you are back on the road and lose one of your two kids in a run-in with a horde. Worse, even, your other kid gets shot and is badly injured! Thankfully, you are offered help by a small family on a nearby farm.

- Kill of one of your two CAs-created kids. Sorry, Sophia!
- The other CAS-created kid is now injured for the rest of thi stage and can’t help you out or build skills.
- Move your sims to one of the lots south of the Chalet in Windernburg (Or Henford on Bagley if Cottage Living is out!) and build a little farmhouse big enough to accommodate four sims, with a small vegetable garden and 2 power generating and 3 water generating items.
-Create four Sims that “own” the farm and help you out. One of them has to be an elder!
- Two weeks into this stage, the farm will, unfortunately, get overrun and also set on fire. Do your fitness rolls for everyone and run for your life.

Stage 3: The Prison

Again, you are on the run, but there’s a little shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel - an abandoned prison! Now, you just need to like... reclaim it.

- Build a Prison, or download one from the gallery!
- Cheat one of your sim pregnant, if you don’t have a pregnancy yet.
- Reclaim the prison! Make Fitness rolls for each level + the outside.
- After your pregnant Sim gives birth, kill her. Sorry, Lori!
- Create a rival 8-sim household and put your sims in a club, and their rivals in one to. Have “fight (other club)” as one of the activities, then have them visit you and... start... a gathering...

Stage 4 The Prison 2, Electric Boogaloo
You defeated Woodbury! ... or did you? Well, you don’t really have time to deal with it right now, because there is a deadly strin of influeny wrecking your community.

- Start placing ads for roommates. Those are the former Woodbury people you took in!
- Every Time someone gets one of the GTW illnesses, roll your d20. Below a 10, they die to the sickness. Kill them, and roll fitness for one of your household sims, since the dead turn into walkers!
- Three weeks into this stage, your friend, the Governor of Woodbury, comes back with a fresh new group he roped into his nonsense. Roll Fitness checks and book it. (also kill the Governor. RIP in pieces)

Stage 5: Terminus
From bad to worse, you’re on the run again, and split up this time. Divided we fall, huh? Good thing there’s this totally not ominous set of markers leading you to a place called Terminus. I’m sure nothing bad will happen there.

- Split your Household and surviving roommates and pop them all into different empty lots. Play a week with each of them (aging off here, this is meant to happen simultaneously!) and roll on the random events table until you have eight sims left in total. Hope you weren’t attached to any of them.
- Put them back into the same household again, and create yet another rival club to beat up. That rival club is Terminus. Surprise, the group with the name meaning “Death” was bad!
- Switch to your Terminus household and “invite” your sims over, then lock them in the basement, true sims style. Go downstairs and start a club gathering. Keep an eye on them, every time someone loses a fight, kill them. Do this until you have either 5 good guys left or all of Terminus is dead.

Stage 6: Alexandria and The other blokes
You got away from the humanitarians and were invited into the community of Alexandria. Thing are finally looking up again!

- Move to a 50x50 lot and build a little “village” with gardens, energy production and everything you might need.
- Create two more 8-sim-households on similar situations and create clubs for them, with the activity to be friendly with yours! These two households will be Hilltop and The Kingdom.
- Make one of the Evergreen Harbor Community Spaces a marketplace and frequent it!
- Stay in this stage for four weeks!

Stage 7: The Saviour War
Things just couldn’t stay okay, could they? You ticked off a horrible cult-of-personality-type organization called the Saviours, who now start their reign of terror against you.

- Create another household and club meant to be mean to you, Hilltop and the kingdom. Make their Leader a magnificent bastard and give that one plot armor. Narrative Immunity!
- Host a little multi-club gathering and roll a d8 twice. Look at your own household portrait lineup and kill two of your sims whose portrait position corresponds to your rolls.
- Take your strongest fighter, aka the highst fitness stat, aka Daryl Dixon and put them into their own household, to take them out of the equation for a while. They’re the Saviours’ prisoner now!
- Congrats, you have been promoted to vassal state. The Saviours demand five of every crop you produce. Don’t hav enough to feed your people? Sucks to be you!
- Stay in this stage for 4 weeks, then bring back your poor fighter, and kill off half of the Saviours, add the rest to your household and Kingdom & Hilltop. Their Leader must survive! Keep them in your basement from now on and visit them regularly to gloat.

Stage 8: The Whisperer War
Finally, some stability. Oh, whats that? New enemy faction, and this one of even worse? Fantastic.

- Cease communication and trade with Hilltop & Kingdom for two weeks, Then hold a big party!
- ...during said party, kill 12 total sims from each faction.
- Create a new rival faction called the Whisperers. Make their two leaders, Alpha & Beta, level 10 in fitness.
- Hold weekly brawls with the whisperers. Kill every fight loser, but replenish the Whisperers losses. There’s no end to their forces!
- Give Alpha a daughter and take her in after your first clash with them.
- When you resume trade, roll a D20 every time you travel away from your lot. Below a 10, your travel party gets attacked by the Whisperers! Roll Fitness checks for every Siim traveling.
- Remember the Saviour leader? Yeah, they’re doing better. Have them befried one of your household’s children, and gradually integrate them into your community.
- After an additional 4 weeks of this, send your redeemed Saviour leader over to the Whisperers and befriend them. They’re a spy now!
- Survive another week, then ply s the Whisperers and attack Hilltop! Move the survivors into your main household.
- After this attack, your spy strikes and kills Alpha. Put them back into your household, then gear up for a big fight!
- Cheat “Roughhousing ecouraged” in your NAPs, then gather all surviving characters along with the Whisperers and fight!

Did you survive this? Well, until season 11 comes out, that’s as far as we go. You can continue playing with the Random Events and general ruleset!

1. There’s a drought. Sell all your stored water and reset your money back down
2. Zombie Attack! Roll Fitness and kill accoridngly!
3. Electric whoopsie-doopsie. Sell your stored electricty and set your money bck down
4. Roving bandits! The next time travel, all your traveling sims lose their inventory contents! If they had none, kill one of them!
5. Baby Boom! Get one fo your Sims pregnant
6. Other Survivors! Roll a d4 and add the resulting nuber of sims to your household!
7. Tragic accident! Kill a random sim
8. Extra Ammo! Every Sim gets a +1 to their next fitness roll!
9. Thunderstorm! Your Sims may not leave their lot for this week!
10: Supply thief! select a random sim and hoard food for this week. At the end of the week they get found out nd either killed or exiled!
11. Breach! Your wall has a breach! Reduce your funds by 150 to fix it. If you don’t have that much, kill a random sim in the resulting zombie incusrsion!
12. Illness! There’s a flareup of the deadly flu from the prison! Play with this Stage’s rules (regarding the illness) for this week!
13: Re-roll!
14. Sabotage! Your fabricator and woodworking table cannot be used this week!
15. Zombie Attack! Roll Fitness and kill accordingly!
16. Lost Child! You find a random child, adopt one! (cheat the money for the adoption)
17: Feast! Your Sims make the poorly informed decision to par-tay! Delete all the stored crops you have.
18. Horde! It’s too dangerous to leave the fortifications right now! Suspend all travel this week.
19. Foraging! Cheat yourself enough money and buy a seasonal seed packet that corresponds to this season!
20. Re-Roll!
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Hi there! I love this challenge but I have one small question: In the first stage, when it says to get your starting funds down to 5000 and that if you can't extend your vacation any longer your camp gets overrun, does this mean until the 5k runs out or do you keep making money forever until you get a bad roll? Because if it's the second one then it'll probably go on for a really long time
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Originally Posted by Walpster
Hi there! I love this challenge but I have one small question: In the first stage, when it says to get your starting funds down to 5000 and that if you can't extend your vacation any longer your camp gets overrun, does this mean until the 5k runs out or do you keep making money forever until you get a bad roll? Because if it's the second one then it'll probably go on for a really long time

I'd say the first option but I'm gonna leave that to the player. Since you're meant to start with a full household, vacations should be pretty expensive and that stage is meant to give time for skill building

Also, I've decided, that, once you have relations with hilltop and kingdom, you can do odd jobs for members of these factions and consider that trade
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Ah ok, thanks!
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The only mod needed is MCCC right?
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