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Default Where to see which EA objects are masters and which are slaves
Can anyone tell me where I can find the information for which EA objects are masters and which are slaves? If it's in SimPE can someone give me directions where to find it?

I like to organise my downloads by renaming them, and I'd like to be able to know exactly which objects are being recoloured and which recolours will add colours to other objects, if that makes sense.
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Open up the recolor package with SimPE and look at the MMAT. The object that is being recolored (or master object) is the model name that's listed there. For anything that might be slaved to it there's no quick, easy way to determine that so your best bet would be to refer to the upload post or ask.
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Honeywell showed you a recolor and how to tell what is being recolored.

For repositories or master/slave, "The object that contains the materials and textures is called the “master” object, and the one that borrows its textures from the master object is called a “slave” object. "

One way to tell if something is repositoried (slaved) is that the SHPE will be calling TXMTs that are outside the package. Definitely not a quick, easy thing to check for a lot of files. This one is calling on two TXMTs that are not in this file and one that is. You can see that there is only one TXMT, but it is naming three. It is repositoried (slaved) to the Maxis high chair (Master) and teddy bear (Master) while the custom shadow is in the file.
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If you want to know which EA objects are master/slave, then use the documentation that came with the CEP. It lists not only items included in the CEP, but lists any repository items already enabled.

Otherwise, as Honeywell mentioned, the quickest is to look at the MMAT and see which cres is listed. That cres may or may not mean anything to a non creator though, especially as some of the Maxis ones are similar and vague. IF you use SimPE at all, you can also change in preferences to load by OBJD name, which is what you see in that MMAT, to get the catalog name
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