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Default Change chance card text color (and TS2 text / font color in general tbh)
Hey all. I'm making a dark mode mod for TS2 but I think I've hit such a brick wall that I don't know what to do. I'm not posting this in the Starship UI bug thread since, well, this isn't really a bug. I've tried everything I can to locate where the UIscript file for the chance cards and quit game menu, since they just seem to be stuck at blue and the changes are god knows where. I need to change them to white to make them readable on a dark background. I've perused the game files for hours and hours finding where I can change the text color from blue to white and still no luck I know this is a bit of a huuuge longshot since I'm pretty sure not many people here know what a UI script is anyway, but hey, any help is help at this point since I genuinely don't know what to do for this stupidly stubborn change.

Right now I kind of worked around it by putting in a small gray box for readability, but this is only due to desperation. What's driving me crazy is that I know for a fact that the text color being changeable IS POSSIBLE, (the launch command -blackfont) proves this, I just don't know WHERE and that's what's killing me, since there's literally 3k+ script files for TS2.

Any help or brainstorming is appreciated!

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