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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
ICEMAN91 Additional easel paintings - Leonid Afremov Picture Collection! (Miscellaneous)
RobinKLocksleyBread and Butter Pudding - New Custom Recipe (Foods)
Sushi JesterLinh Mai (Other)
dear_doriNo cooking / no autonomous cooking in cauldrons (Overrides)
LaSilentCreatureCottage Eyeshadows (Makeup)
Banica14No More Grey And Purple Skin! (Genetics Sets)
ynn016Comfy Cubby - Tiny-HomesNewcrest Lot (No CC) (Residential)
DaugvinasMinimum Wage Ambitions (Overrides)
DelijumeVeronaville 2.0 [Neighborhood + University] (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
clothydesignerFinn hudson plaque from glee! (Decorative)
nmatyi03Pouffe Adore (Comfort)
TaysimsYTPainting Drawing Paranoid Sims (Decorative)
BlazedSpawnManischewitz Kiddush Wine (Decorative)
AffinityMaster Suite Clothes For Everyday & Formal (Overrides)
Mrs-KedsTaylor Hawkins Fan Picture (Decorative)
chkrisSims 2: chkris's Default Eye Replacements (MAXIS MATCH NO ALIEN EYES) (Eyes)
aliensimhybridPolynesian Name Replacement for Felicity Island and Wanmami Island Playthroughs (Global Mods)
Krabaten59Tough And Tufted Sectional Sofa and Lounge Recolours. (Comfort)
flus.lakosteFamily Echron (CC) for The Sims 4! (Other)
LinoszAmerican Civil War stuff (Decorative)
SpaceAce15 More Traits! (Traits)
sea-beeJojo Bizzare Adventure Tattoos - Tarot Cards (Tattoos)
sparklymariAdult Jobs For Teens (Overrides)
xiuxxviRIBBA recolours (Decorative)
LadyBellaNo burglars (Overrides)
FlamedWickTiny Living High Glass Table - Changed Tags (Surfaces)
o19TS4 GT Club Limits Removed (Script & Core Mods)
xrssmGluten-free flour Override (Object Mods)

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Really cool to see new creators for Sims 2, 3 and 4!

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1st Aug 2021 at 12:31 PM
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I really like what Nigel said to Angelia in the film.
When your personal life is gone, remember to notify me, it means you are going to be promoted.
I very much agree with this sentence, life and work, we choose to work because of life, and work makes us neglect life.
When you want to get promoted, you have to sacrifice more of your private time to work.
Choice is a very interesting thing, and when you make a choice, it also means that you will lose something very pity.
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