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But I thought the idea of having some kind of sim religion was interesting, hence the plumbob of praise, although it's not been used much.

Did you know that there is a religion mod made for the game?
I've tried it, but it interferes with the mods I have, but it's certainly worth the trouble if you're willing to get it:

G-Rated Religion (by Chris Hatch, Larky, & eventually Hat)

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Thanks Fran, I remember Chris' mod but had not seen this one by Hat. It's probably too involved for my main hood, but I'm definitely going to try it on a smaller hood I have where I play with fewer mods. So downloading now! There are expansions too for it. Do you remember which of your mods it interferes with?

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Originally Posted by simsample
Thanks Fran, I remember Chris' mod but had not seen this one by Hat. It's probably too involved for my main hood, but I'm definitely going to try it on a smaller hood I have where I play with fewer mods. So downloading now! There are expansions too for it. Do you remember which of your mods it interferes with?

Well, the most obvious one is the Lot Sync Timer-for some reason it kept resetting every household, and I can't stand that kind of stuff, so I dumped the mod. I can't live without the LST at all. But the other aspects of the mod were great. I really wish I could have kept it in the game-but I didn't think Hat was going to change one problem just because one person had issues with one mod that many don't use.

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I plan to have a community lot where sims can be married or bury their dead when the town is large enough to support that as my BACC town is just starting out and nobody has died there yet.It's possible that some could as the town grows like a toddler getting sick or dying of cot death which would be called SIDS today.There can be decor graves for when families birth a stillborn baby or their newborn only lives for a few days.It's also for when others of any age die though infant mortality might be higher in games like my BACC and Pleasantview Epic Challenge which is taking place in the 17th century.
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In my family when someone dies we always have a wake, a funeral (mass at a church and then we go to the cemetery), and a lunch reception. When my grandmothers passed I remember the mass being the hardest part to get through, but the lunch reception always cheered me up. I'd see all of my cousins I'm close with and all of the relatives I only ever see at weddings and funerals. The reception is always a celebration of the person's life. We play card/board games, eat good food, tell stories about the person, listen to music the person liked, etc.

My Sims can be so sad when someone passes. So a lot of the time I have them throw a party, just like my family does. I drop the grave off at Our Lady of Sims church and then they celebrate. I don't micromanage the day after the loved one's death, either. I like to let my Sims handle their grief.
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I've tried dressing the close relatives in black for one rotation but I always tend to forget, so now I only do it for the household or when the ruler dies.
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Originally Posted by Zarathustra
Sims die, the Grim Reaper shows up, and a headstone or urn appears to mark the location of that deceased Sim's earthly remains... but there's not a game mechanic for funerals, wakes, memorials, or anything of the sort. SO, how do you handle the death of your Sims from the standpoint of those still living? What kind of services are held for the dead in your game?

Depends on the Sims involved, though no complicated services for anyone except royalty.

Royalty, regardless of personal beliefs, will have a lavish funeral/coronation (the two events are expected to happen simultaneously). It is the successor's responsibility to organise and fund it. The successor will try to invite everyone they can to the Palace. The grave is officially positioned at the front of the Palace so it can be seen by all visitors. All visitors pass by the grave to confirm the old ruler is indeed dead. In theory, any objections to the statement the old ruler is dead must be raised at that moment. In practise, the only objections ever raised have been to the identity of the successor. The grave is moved to the Royal Gardens once the ghost has manifested for the first time. After that, a big bonfire is lit, where the successor makes their oaths of office, along with a speech appropriate to the times (that is expected to include appropriate praise of the predecesor). Finally, it is expected that the Palace feed everyone. For the duration of the evening, servants are traditionally allowed to do anything they like as long as it doesn't involve deliberately injuring a visitor, and to ignore any command from their sovereign short of "The kitchen's on fire, put it out". Occasionally this has led to the new High Prince or High Princess having to cook an entire feast by themselves.

Sims who I think believe in Psuedotyr (one of the three religions in my game) typically host a small service at their residences involving family and a couple of friends. If one of them is a Cleric-Brother or Cleric-Sister, there will be a eulogy. The grave is moved outside (assuming this is a regular house rather than a flat or dorm) in a specific display - a small screen of bamboo behind the grave, flowering bushes either side of the grave (usually blue but sometimes the deceased's favourite bush-sized plants) and flowers in front of the grave (again, usually blue but sometimes the deceased's favourite flowers). If the church of Psuedotyr knew the deceased (even if not invited to the family service), the deceased will be remembered in the monastery's next service, with a short eulogy.

Valgonians don't believe in funerals as such, but will keep the grave or urn in a special place, and individual visits to it occur as each Sim feels is appropriate.

Funerals for Sims in the BaneForce begin with the most senior member present having a quick conference with the Grim Reaper to check this Sim is actually meant to be dead. If they have to cart a bonephone halfway across town to resurrect a week-old corpse who happened to die among non-believers, so be it. If the Grim Reaper confirms this Sim was supposed to die, they will hold a party (inviting any senior members of the BaneForce who happen to be available at the time) and send the body to the Royal Gardens to prevent accidental resurrection. Traditionally, at least one member will go on a rant about everything they didn't like about that Sim, this being the last occasion where it is considered acceptable within the BaneForce to criticise a dead member.

Most other Sims just put the grave somewhere visible from the road and occasionally go there to have a cry.

Royal law requires all graves/urns in flats or university dorms to be moved immediately to the town's Royal Gardens (I have a mod that enforces this). The same law also requires anyone moving house to move their graves to the Royal Gardens before doing so Anyone else can be sent there also, but if I am going to do this, I like to wait until the ghost has generated. The Palace is responsible for appropriate upkeep of the graves. At the moment, they are hosted in the Royal Hedge Maze, with flowers in front of the graves appropriate to each deceased's known or likely wishes. Some notable Sims get monuments as well, appropriate to why they are notable (so a Sim famous for being the gentle and proud leader of a large family may have a teddy bear statue). It is illegal to knowingly resurrect a Sim who is in the Royal Gardens or otherwise do anything that might upset the dead, although if the only reason a Sim is there is due to being in a flat/dorm beforehand, no prosecution will result from relatives resurrecting their loved one.
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My response to Sim death is mostly administrative, but there is a grieving process also.

1) Just before they pass, I update the official records a.k.a my spreadsheet. Their date of death and age at death is noted, the family tree is updated, and I decide where their final resting place will be.
2) If the Sim has any children or pets, I decide who will take care of them - usually next of kin - and move them accordingly. There will always be a home for them somewhere in the neighbourhood!
3) Their estate is sold and allocated out to their loved ones via inheritance. Who gets what is purely at the discretion of the Sim passing and they can leave people out or donate everything to their dog. Usually though, it is split equally between children.
4) I check their relationship panel to decide who needs to grieve and to what degree.
5) The Sim actually dies at this point and I move their grave to the graveyard. All Sims graves are marked by a square of flowers in a colour that I think represents them best. Any Sim who has died in service (my current hood is trying to solve a sci-fi crisis and many have been lost to The Investigation) is given a statue by their grave to mark their bravery. I'm also experimenting with mausoleums/urns because I'm 6 generations in and running out of graveyard space!
6) Any immediate family or best friends have a day of free will mourning as described by Peni
7) All family and friends visit the graveyard to pay their respects.

The graveyard is actually one of my biggest causes of drama. I have a lot of enemies in my current hood and rarely play community lots, so it's the one place where the whole neighbourhood shows up, people make out, affairs are discovered, fights are started. On a rare occasion I've actually had Sims murdered in the graveyard. It's a stressful place and emotions run high!
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I'm a little embarrassed to admit, but I usually just ship their graves off to the greenest community lot in the sub-hood, never to be seen again (because I rarely play community lots). Strangetown I made a small graveyard next to the Specter house. I can't really remember where I put the Blue water village graves... that's gonna be fun when some unsuspecting business owner buys a lot and is overun with random gravestones. No funerals, everyone just kinds cries for a moment and then gets on with their lives. I get a little sad though, and usually end up naming one of their grandchildren/great grandchildren after them so I get to "play them again".

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I know this is a little late but I could've sworn there was someone who commented in this thread about making a funeral posebox so you could pose sims in coffins--who was that? Anyone remember?
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