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Default SimPE - Naming Recolours Question
I think this is the right section to post this, but I have a question - when I am recolouring something in SimPE, when I click on the texture image, youll see on my screenshot below, it comes up with just a random bunch of numbers and letters. Whereas on some other creators' content (Below) it shows up with their name and the date it was made. Is there a way I can get my username to show up here for my recolors?

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You will want to add your username in Extras/Preferences/Ident. I think it will save your username without being able to connect to the old GUID database. Then SimPE will hash that internal name with your saved username.
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I don't think the newest SimPE has that Ident area? I don't see it anywhere in Preferences. I'm getting a bit tired of being a string of numbers, lol.
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You may be right, I don't actually use the newest. Tried and true version 73_44. The newest one by Chris Hatch has removed some things I need. For one, in File Table the arrows have been removed. Those are necessary to adjust the order that SimPE reads files, so the CEP's override the right way.
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Ohhhh, lemme try that one. When I was redownloading everything I didn't know for sure which version to grab so I just got the newest. Edit: Yep, that's the one I needed!

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