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Default Aberon Garden [A magical modern medieval nocc neighborhood]
This is a project that I have on hiatus, but that I want to continue when I finish my other neighborhood, Service Area.

Did I start with him a year ago? Well, I started building it as a distraction after spending so long building in deserts, the color of the sand was starting to blind me. But that is not the only reason, on the one hand I wanted to add the fantasy that I was not using in other neighborhoods (witches, vampires ...) and on the other, as a European, I wanted to do something historical and medieval that was cozy at the same time that mysterious and wet. After that, I realized that I had some old neighborhoods with stories that I would like to share, so I decided to take a lot of those stories and mix them in a neighborhood of my own. Like Service Area, Aberon Garden has been built with google photos and my own inspiration, so it has a different style than Jeans Shaker Oasis, (which was my first approach to construction after more than a decade, and was intended to be a neighborhood with a totally own style).

When I began to build Aberon Garden, I realized that the spark of creativity started when in one of my old neighborhoods I created a royal family, so I needed them to live in essence in the same place. The place was the Pazo de Pousadoro by @Amura, which I also discovered was a place in Spain, so I decided to base myself on its construction and photos of the real place, plus my own inspiration, to build it. After that, I create a watchtower, a guest house, and a house with a royal garden.

The other place I was inspired by, and hopefully no problem, is The Old Church Apartments by @LeanBeanNectarine, although this one is quite different and I haven't finished the exterior yet.

I would like to tell you part of the story in the future, but at the moment I only have the central ideas of each family in mind, in the future I will publish the progress.

The land has yet to be modified and many houses need to be built.

I open this topic to receive comments, and test this section.
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I downloaded already you JSO. It is gorgeous. I like its storyline and way you created it.
However I won't download this one until I will finish storyline of all Cassidies in JSO. Those neighborhood is huge and its storyline takes some time to finish so I won't switch to another in near future
Regards Vic ^_^

Here you can see more of my creations and conversions for sims 3. ;) I`ll glad to see your comments in.
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Thank you, I am very glad you like it. I think I have a problem with creating too many families. XD In Service Area I wanted to do less than in Jso and I ended up having more. Anyway, I think there is still a long time until I can publish this, there is still a lot of work to do.
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