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Default Default replacing yfbodydressabovekneehooded clones
Hello! I was looking to replace this BG dress:

When I searched for it in SimPE, I found seven yf clones. It looks like they're hidden and townie-disabled (see screenshot). I vaguely remember seeing that some cloned clothing items take the textures of whatever the original object is. Is that true? Is there a way I can tell in SimPE? I'd love to be able to use them, because the outfit I was going to replace afbodydressaboveknee with has a million recolors.
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Updating my own post here in case anyone else is trying to find out how to replace hidden uni clones.

It's true that these clones won't show up in CAS simply by changing the flags. However, I found out that themeasureofasim on Tumblr posted a method for making the clones appear, which I was able to use to successfully create a replacement for the yf clones in question! Yay!

The basic steps after you make the default replacement file like normal are as follows (TMOAS explains more in the linked tumblr post):
1. Extract a 3DIDR, binary index, and text list from a custom clothing package.
2. Add the text list to the default replacement's 3DIDRs.
3. Copy UI data and collection resources from the custom 3DIDR and add them to the default replacement's 3DIDRs.
4. Add the property sets to the corresponding 3DIDRs.
5. Add the binary index to each of the default's 3DIDRs, changing the group and instance to match.

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