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Default Personality traits for painting
So I am making a mod to add new paintings that a painter can make, but I got some questions that popped up in relation to personality traits.

-If I were to add new entry's to the DB related to other personality traits, would that work?

-When setting up said code, I know I can skip the personality traits if i dont need them, but could I also do that for the base, setting up a personality only painting

something like that

-last is not related to coding but useful to know for this mod, a personality trait after all can replace a painting for an other one, having multiple of said traits would create multiple chances for altered art, but can the original base still show up?
a genius is painting, he has a chance to paint a genius art style but can a genius also paint normal style paintings?
need to ensure it cause in my mod, it is not going to be a simple art style but a completely different image XD

if someone can answer these 3 questions, I would be very happy ^^
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After finally getting my game back to work I was finally able to test it myself
I made a special mod with only 2 small paintings, one being the insane example given above, the other being both a control (in case insane wont work and the lack of paintable paintins causes the game to crash) and having the animal lover option added

for those wondering:

1- Unless I got the trait recognized wrong, it seems this option is a no go, i painted around 25 paintings and not once did the animal lover option appear

2- having a specific trait only painting without a "base" is fully functional ^^
painting 8 paintings and somewhere around 4th or 5th, it showed up, only once but it means it works fine

3- this one has been me being stupid, off course the base can appear ouside the trait changed versions, otherwise all paintings by a sim with a trait would be set to these specifics... sorry for the stupid question XD

there is one odd thing ive noticed through, only 2 paintings were working, yet a 3th showed up
at first i figured maybe it is the animal lover attempt but the image is bugged, but then the insane sime also started painting these and he had no traits to pull up this trait limited painting
I am guessing it is a RNG issue, trying to call up a painting link i had removed for the test mod...
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