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How do I Modify the TunableTuple of the "fruit_component", & the "crop_fruit_component" Thing?
I don't know if I phrased the Title right, since I'm still learning Modding, lol, but I wanted help, please? Thanks in advance

So I was trying to make it so that the "Base Game" Produce is able to Spoil, just like how the "Cottage Living" Produce from the Oversized Crops are able to Spoil, but I'm having an issue while trying to do it? So in S4S, I was using the Object Tuning File of "object_GiantCrops_Fruit_Lettuce" as a reference for the "Produce Spoil" Mod that I'm trying to make, so the next thing I did was that I did a bunch of testing, which was pretty much trial and error type of things? Then I found out "<T n="key">15189<!--Freshness_Fresh--></T>" and the rest that's below it, is some "<L n="client_states">" thing, which I don't know exactly what it does yet, but I know that this probably affects the "Freshness" and whatnot to allow it to Spoil? Either way, I was basing it off of that, and I did kind of get it to work? I added it as a "Client State" to "object_GardeningFruit_Mushroom" as a Test to figure out how it worked? Nothing happened, so I messed around some more, and I found out that if I changed the "fruit_component" to "crop_fruit_component", it actually showed the "Spoil Date", so I thought it was working fine? But then I noticed that I couldn't Plant the Seed because it wouldn't Germinate, or it would be stuck doing the "Planting" Animation over and over instead? I realized that what I wanna change has to be something with that, since I reverted back to using "fruit_component" instead, and everything worked fine, but I didn't see the "Spoil Date" for some reason? So is there something more in depth here I'm not getting? I even used TDESC Browser to find out some info, and it told me some things, but it wasn't really helpful for what I want it to do? Is there a way for me to make my own "TDESC", for a lack of a better term? Since I don't know what they're specifically called? I guess is there a way to make my own "fruit_component", or a way to Override what it does? So it could do the things "fruit_component" does, while showing the "Spoil Date" from "crop_fruit_component"? I'm kind of stumped here, lol.

I'm kind of new to Modding, since I took a break from it, so any Info you could give me would be great! Thanks!
Also, let me know if I explained or did anything wrong? Or if you need more Info or anything from me to help you figure out my issue?
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