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Default Northern Wind Legacy

This variation of the Legacy Challenge was inspired by the 2000 film Chocolat. Same as its main protagonist, your sim and their children are bound by an ancient curse, forced to follow the northern wind and drift from place to place, never truly settling down, never returning to the same place again.

Warning: Your sims will move - a lot! You’ll need a lot of worlds and you better not get attached to their house very much either.

Set up and general rules:
  • First off - choose a world to start with. Set the seasons so that one year has 28 days. Ideally 7 days each season. Set the lifespan to Normal.
  • Create your founding sim, doesn’t matter if male or female. Choose whatever traits and LTW you want for them. They can have one pet.
  • You can move your sim to any empty lot or house they can afford. It can be an apartment and you are allowed to have roommates, just not the kind you can control. Your family cannot move to any other lot/house for the entire time they’re staying in that particular world.
  • Your sims can go to work or earn money in any way you like.
  • Follow the standard Legacy rules for children and succession - always choose one of the children to continue the bloodline. That child has to be a direct descendant of the founder.
  • Your sim can get married or move their steady partner in to raise children together. No moving any other sims in. If it’s a female, she can raise her children as a single mother.
  • You have to keep the urn/grave of the founder and each generation’s heir on your home lot. (Other sims, such as spares and spouses, can be buried in a local graveyard, or you can get rid of their remains.)

Moving worlds:
  • The first week in every new world your sims are guaranteed to stay. After 7 days of peace, you have to roll a 20-sided die (either a real one or use every midnight to determine if they can stay or have to move. 1-19 means they can continue their lives as usual. Number 20 means the northern wind is calling them and they have to abandon everything, burn all bridges and move to another world to start over.
  • Do not roll while your sim is on vacation or at the University.

Who has to move, who can and who can’t:
  • The current heir, every previous heir still alive, and the next heir in line, if one has been born, all have to move to the new world.
  • If the current heir has any children aged teen or younger, they can either move with the heir, or be left with the other parent, if the said parent is living in the same household. They can also be left behind in care of an old enough sibling.
  • The family can take one pet with them to the new world.
  • The heir’s partner has to be left behind, no matter the circumstances.
  • If the current heir dies and their children are not yet old enough to move on their own, you don’t have to roll until they come of age. Immediately after the oldest child’s YA birthday, you have to start rolling again.

What they can take with them:
  • Only items that fit in a sim’s personal inventory can be taken.
  • Only 5 items per sim.
  • Only one car/boat for the whole family. It doesn’t count towards the limit.
  • All urns/gravestones of the founder+previous heirs have to be taken along and placed on the new home lot. They also do not count towards the limit.

How it’s done:
  • After rolling number 20, your sims have until the next midnight to wrap up their business, pack up their stuff and leave.
  • Everyone has to quit their job/school before the move.
  • If no one’s left behind, they can sell their house. Otherwise they can only move out with the default starting cash.
  • Save the travelling sims to the library, open a new world and place the family onto a chosen starting lot.
  • Continue the game like when you started with the founder - first week without rolling, then roll every midnight until you have to move again. And so on.

Choosing worlds:
  • You can move into any world, either from the game or a custom made.
  • You can never move into the same world you’ve once lived in. It has to be a different one every time. Only if you’re absolutely unwilling to install custom worlds into your game, you can recycle the old ones when you run out of options.
  • Vacation worlds: You can only go on vacation to a particular destination once per the entire game, as a part of your current world residency. It means that if you decide to go to China, for example, you can travel there as much as you want with any sims until you have to move worlds. Once you move, no one can ever go to China again for the rest of the challenge.
  • University: The same thing as with the vacation worlds.
  • Boarding schools: The same thing as above. You can send your kids to a boarding school, but once you move worlds, you can never send any kids to the schools you already used.
  • The Future: You cannot “vacation” in the Future world as normal, but you can use it as one of the moving destinations instead of a regular world. Normal, Utopian and Dystopian futures count as 3 separate worlds.

Winning/losing the challenge:
  • You win if you manage to keep your direct bloodline alive from the founding sim to the 10th generation heir. Then the curse is broken and for the first time in forever your sim can finally settle down and live in peace.
  • If your heir dies without having children, and you have no spare to take over living in your current household, the bloodline is broken and you will lose the challenge.

I hope you will have fun with the challenge. If I accidentally stole someone else’s idea, then I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose. Happy simming! <3
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I really enjoy this challenge so far! It's simple rules-wise, but has a lot of story and gameplay potential - I've been playing this for just over a sim week now and I'm just at the point where I'm needing to roll. So far my founder hasn't moved but I do get to roll lots of glittery d20s, which is always good for this dice enthusiast

I play all the Sims games, and have been developing a world within those games for almost fifteen years (the "canon" timeline started and mostly remains in Sims 2, but there have been multiple crossovers over the years) and I sometimes use different saves as alternate universes where sims who didn't have the best lives in canon get to live again. That's exactly what I've done with this one: my founder is a long-dead, fourth-generation sim, Sena "Seeri" mi-Avira. My main save of Kulo Seeri takes its name from her as she was its first headwoman, but her life was pretty uneventful. She founded the settlement because her people had been moving from place to place as a result of various "storms" (game-destroying glitches) so I thought this challenge was the ideal one to try with her!

Now, I have put my own spin on it, as I usually do. Kulo Seeri is matriarchal and the mi-Avira line is known for producing twins, so - as in the canon save - the heir must be a girl and a twin. Thankfully I bought the fertility treatment reward while Seeri was pregnant, so she had twin girls first time. Seeri started out in Sunlit Tides and has had an eventful few days: a couple of sim days ago, just after Seeri found a boyfriend, a meteor smashed into her workplace and killed two of her friends, one of whom she got the opportunity to raise as a ghost (the other was restored by Grim). I let her go ahead with the resurrection, since the ghost didn't bring in any money to the household, and I was just going to move him out but now he wants to get romantically involved with Seeri. I might actually let him... my female sims often have multiple partners. So I've sort of turned it into a mashup of your challenge, the Amazon challenge and... possibly my own taste for trouble, if requiring that the heir be a twin girl is anything to go by. I can keep posting updates if you don't mind my rambling.

Kulo Seeri - Home of the Nuidya Tribe
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I'm really happy that you like my idea Of course you can post updates! I'm curious how this will turn out<3
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