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Default How to create a mesh default replacement for a BG full-body outfit without changing the texture?
For personal use, I want to replace the mesh of a full-body outfit with someone else's mesh, but retaining the original Maxis texture. I'm not sure if the mesh-DR-to-be is only for TM, though.

So what are the steps I should take in SimPE ?
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if it's just the mesh and it can use the same texture, you can extract the GMDC resource from the original outfit, make a new file, import the GMDC, save the file with a new filename (don't do "Fix integrity" or other changes you'd normally do for a standalone mesh, since you want this one to replace the original). Then you can replace the mesh - you may have to do changes to group naming depending on the mesh. Make sure the new mesh can use the same texture (UVmap, same number of mesh groups/textures, etc.)

If the mesh has a different number of mesh groups to the one you want to replace, you'll usually have to use the PropertySet method. There's a tutorial here:
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