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Default odd shading
I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with this build. I made the Poltergeist house back before Halloween, but never shared it here because of a shading issue. The roof is 5 levels at least and when I put it on (I always save the roof for last), I got this very odd shading happening on the highest roof part. I've included the build and some pics so you can see the issue. I can just put a normal roof on the place if need be but I really wondered if there is a fix for the shading problem.. maybe something simple I just hadn't thought of yet. I'm hoping! haha

I've included the pics of the real house as well for you to see.

I've tried several things but no luck so far, so thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
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I tried it. If you mean the flickering on the side of the roofs, it seems to be an issue that occurs because of the two different floor levels of the house: that the front side is 1 floor high, and the back side 2 floors high; and that the gabled roof placed on the 1 floor, intersects the half gabled roof placed on the 2 floor.

When instead of a gabled roof piece, I placed a half gabled one, on the first floor; and then matched it with a half gabled one on the second floor, the flickering was no longer there. I had to match the roofs next to them in height.

There is a shadow still though. I also looked at some pictures of the house other than yours, but I have not seen the movie, and I don't know if this solution changes something important inside the house. But on the pictures I saw the roof was fairly simple, and yours looks complicated, which is nice, but if it doesn't need to be, perhaps redo it, choosing other roof pieces all over; from intersecting ones with different heights, to a more flat surface, will work. Hopefully others have tried it as well. A tip is to always make the house structure, facade and roof first, before moving into room decoration.

Edit: I'd also try to add/remove the 'ceiling' from the floors (the tiles on top of the rooms); since I think that is partly what effects the lighting on the side of the roof, and could be the reason for the shadow. Again, it does seem intentional to have open ceilings in the house so I wasn't sure what to do.
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thanks, think I'm going to rethink that roof. Your thoughts on the roof gave me an idea. Thanks again for testing it for me!
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