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The Ups and Downs Legacy Challenge
The Ups and Downs Legacy Challenge

I love the sims games but often get bored, uninspired, or find things get too easy or repetitive. I love playing challenges to combat that. I’ve always wanted to compete a legacy challenge but haven’t gotten past generation 3 or 4, as it becomes too easy. I thought of why this is and how I could prevent it. I think everything becomes too easy, and perfect too fast. So, I made this challenge. There are a lot of play restrictions, rules, and goals. Appearance, traits, and jobs are up to you unless otherwise stated. You can use mods and sometimes cheats are needed to reduce funds and such. But overall the point of the challenge is for it to be challenging. So just use good judgment. I tried to leave some things open to storytelling and being creative.

It’s helpful to read ahead in case there are required traits or genders for the next generation and to strategize.

---Also this uses all packs...and possibly some store content.----

Generation One:

Stating out…

Create a new save, or use an existing one but keep the legacy family active.
Opt current family out of the celebrity system at least for the first 5 generations. It makes it too easy to sell gifts and things.
The founder gender must be female and teen. Using NRRAS or other cheats to set things up to make the founder pregnant. I’ll leave the backstory up to you to make it your own. But you are starting this challenge out with a pregnant homeless teen. Move into any empty lot of your choice size doesn’t matter really.

Once you’re moved in, sell the university welcome kit, camera, and future portal. Then, set your funds using the family funds cheat or NRRAS to 0 Simoleans.

Making money

It’s up to you how your founder will make money. However, you can’t get a job until you have a fully functioning house. (What this requires will be listed below.) Your founder isn’t allowed to ever marry, move in with other sims, move in other sims, or have a roommate. Once the house is built and a job is unlocked, these can only be part-time jobs. If at this point any children of the founder are teens, they can also get a part-time job.

Number of children: 5
Children can be adopted, but the heir of gen 2 must be biological. Children must not be taken away by the social worker.

House requirements these are the needed room:
Bedroom: 1 bed, 1 crib, 1 dresser.

Bathroom: 1 tub or shower, 1 toilet, 1 sink, 1 mirror.

Kitchen: 1 fridge, 1 stove, enough counters to cook successfully, 1 sink, and 1 trash can.

Living and dining room (can be combined or separate rooms): 1 couch or loveseat, 1 tv, 1 bookshelf, 1 table with 2 chairs

Once all of this is purchased you may get a part-time job. Death of the founder: Finally, after all your hard work, once the founder has had their 5th child they die. You may use cheats to kill the founder. This then starts Gen 2! (If you were unable to completely build the house you didn’t lose but this responsibility is passed on to the next generation.)

Generation Two:

Your mother died and you’re left to take care of your siblings. The gender of the gen 2 heir is up to you; most likely this will be your 1st born or oldest child. None of your siblings can be taken away by the social worker.

If you were unable to completely build the house, this is now on gen 2 to finish, before jobs can be unlocked. Once jobs are unlocked, any teens and up can have a part-time job.
Once the gen 2 heir is a young adult, they may moonlight at bars. They can still have a part-time job if you’d like. However, all the siblings must move out as soon as they hit young adults, or teens if you wish. Once moved out, they can’t be moved out. Your gen 2 heir may get married/partnered, or have a helper move in. However, this person may not bring any money in. You may not sell any wedding gift, and if you do that money must be taken away with cheats. The helper or spouse of gen 2 can’t get a job, and may only make skill/hobby-related money once a season. (Example painting a picture to sell, or finishing a novel.)

Gen 2 Goals:
- Finish house and unlock part-time jobs if not already done. House must be built by end of gen 2.
- Raise siblings to at least teens without being taken away.
- Max the mixology skill and buy a bar lot/venue. –
- Children: Amount is up to you, but the next heir must be male and biological.

Generation Three:

The heir of gen 3 must be male. Children born of generation 3 may only be from abduction and through pregnancy with an alien. Number of children born is up to you, and gender is your choice. (Fruit can be used.)


Gen 3 heir will never marry or move help in.
-Get abducted and alien pregnant.
-Max logic skill and science skill
-Be a freelance Scientist. Can only make money with gardening, selling space rocks, and bugs, the science research station, solving the impossible, hacking, or the telescope.
-Complete the presenting the perfect private aquarium lifetime wish.
-You may keep the bar bough in gen 2 and make revenue from it. Don’t sell it.
-You may move to another lot of your choice if you can afford it.

Generation Four:

The gender of gen 4 heir is up to you but they must be an alien. This sim is obsessed with humans and just wants to be like them, they are embarrassed to be an alien and just want to fit in.
Required traits for gen 4 heir: Kleptomaniac, and socially awkward.
Your heir wants to fit in, so they steal human items to learn more about being human. (You can sell these things for money.)


-You may get any job you’d like.
-Your sim can get married and their spouse can have a job. However, no money can be brought in, or made from wedding gifts.
-Complete the friend of the world lifetime wish. Your heir wants to be liked, fit in, and be normal.
-Have the “perfect-looking family”, at least on the outside. No one can get fired. Everyone is neat and tidy in appearance and manner.
-Children born must max all toddler skills, grow up well, learn to drive, and make good grades.
- Build a nice house, white picket fence and all
- Live more traditionally and old-fashioned.
-Adopt/buy a family pet.

Generation Five:

The heir may be of any gender but must have the frugal and neurotic trait. There is a great fire and everything is lost and you have to start over. (After the fire delete everything on the lot. Any money gained from deleting the home must be cheated away.) If you still have the bar, you can sell it and use that money to try to rebuild.
You heir lost everything and have to start over with what they have left. Luckily, they are frugal so they can pinch pennies to get by…but the fire left them feeling a little neurotic.


-Have frugal and neurotic traits.
-No child, spouse restrictions except the next heir needs to be biological. However, the next heir has required traits so plan ahead.
-Rebuild your house and money.
- Your heir has a hard time sticking to one thing…Complete the Jack of All Trades lifetime wish.
-Completely change your sims style at least 2 times. For example, goth to preppy, hair dying/drastic haircut, tattoos.
-Have an obsession. Your sim can’t make money from this it just makes them happy. For example, collecting TVs, everything in your house is the same color and they only eat things that color. Be creative.

Generation Six:

Your parent lost everything in a fire and you grew up hearing stories as a child. You dream of helping people and want to become a firefighter…even if it may not be the right fit and people don’t think you can do it.


-Required traits of Gen 6 heir: Coward, unlucky, loser, over-emotional, and couch potato.
-Can get married a spouse can have any job but a profession isn’t suggested.
-Become a Firefighter
-Complete the Firefighter Super Hero lifetime wish.
-Reach the top of the firefighter profession.
-Max athletic skill and jock influence.
-Have a fire alarm in every room. You can never be too safe.
-Adopt a Dalmatian or dog of your choice.
-Children born have a hidden trait.

Generation Seven:

Your parent was a hero and you grew up in their shadow. You just want to have a good time and don’t care what others think.


-Required traits: 1 hidden trait, hates children, mean spirited.
-You may only play and control the heir this generation.
-You can marry. Your spouse and teens can have a job but you can’t tell them to go to work.
-You don’t care about your children and are a dead-beat parent. No children may learn toddler skills or how to drive. If you somehow get the option to pick their traits, you must randomize it. Just don’t get them taken away!
-Children have no toys, and you must have a negative relationship with them.
-Have an affair and try not to get caught.
- Have a drink multiple times a week, go to clubs, and gamble.

Generation Eight:

Your parent was selfish and only cared about themselves. You want to make the world a better place.


-Move out as a teen and be enemies with your parents. Never talk to them again.
-Use the move-out option via the phone so that you don’t take all the household funds with you. You can control the whole household now.
-Buy a non-revenue lot and improve them to make the town better.
- Give 5 sims outside your household a gift.
-Have an eternally faithful reputation.
-You love helping those in need, complete the Animal Rescuer lifetime want.
-Adopt at least one child. (They can’t be the heir though.)

Generation Nine:

No one in your family has ever gotten a degree, you want to be the first. However, that may be easier said than done…

- Have a high school sweetheart but break up before heading to university. There are so many good-looking sims out there why settle down now?
- Join a Greek house. Have a few flings and party like there’s no tomorrow!
- Get caught cheating and get kicked out of class, make bad grades, and drop out of college.
- Get a job when you return but get fired.
- Go back to university, but get serious this time and graduate!
- Get to the top of a social group and get the related job.
- Reach the top of your career.
- Have either the Don Juan (males) or Man-Eater (females) reputation.
- All children born are half-siblings.

Generation Ten

Real estate is where the money is, and magic is where your heart is.


-Have the unstable trait
-Become a witch.
-Marry someone who is a different type of supernatural.
-Own a resort and complete the resort empire lifetime wish.
-Own a cat, dog, reptile, bird, fish, and unicorn.
-Own at least 3 other lots/venues outside of your resort.

I’m still play-testing this so let me know how it goes and if you have questions.
Hopefully, I don't fail~
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