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Default The back to BASE-ics Challenge
This is a legacy challenge with probably a lot of inspiration from other similar challenges, but really focusing on the base game. The reason why I created this challenge is that a lot of challenges out there depend on you having expansions/game/stuff packs and maybe everyone out there doesn't have that…
PLUS maybe you just need to realize how much you can actually do in the base game for The Sims 4? NOW quick disclaimer - YOU are of course allowed to use features of other games but each requirement for each generation should just require the base game (according to my research but if I am incorrect please let me know!), if you wanna flare out and maybe utilize other features because you do have expansions/game/stuff packs go ahead and do so, but the requirements needed are focused on JUST the basics.

Also any similarity with other challenges are completely coincidental. I haven't read ALL the challenges out there and I really wanted to try to create my own. This is my very first The Sims 4 challenge and I haven’t tried it on my own but I am going to start it in January 2022.

Don’t cheat for money (unless specified), needs or any of those shenanigans, mods are allowed but just remember we’re trying to go back to basics, so try to keep it that way or it wouldn’t really be a challenge. When moving household you have to bring collectables, pictures and paintings with you (you will need them for the last generation) so either put it in the sims inventory or move the previous generation out.. whichever is most convenient for you but you can just keep those in the family’s inventory unless you want to have everything out… Your Sim’s home should also reflect their style (see appearance)

Starting out:
Move into one of the cheapest available houses, set your money to 50 simoleons (You may cheat for this). The house can be furnished, however you are not allowed to sell stuff from your inventory to get more money, but you can play instruments/do random tasks that let you get tips/extra income from townies.

AND like in so many other similar generation challenges you need to complete the aspiration and the career along with a few requirements that are stated below the generation:

“The Funny One” - gen 1 (get it..? funny “one”... never mind..)
Everyone always called you the class clown, so you decided to become one. You packed up your bag and got on a bus but got stranded in a suburban town and now you’re just tryna make a living doing what you love - making an ass out of yourself and everyone around you.
Aspiration: Joke Star
Traits: Goofball, Bro & Childish
Career: Entertainer - Comedian Branch
Appearance: Colorful - You love ALL of the colors.

To complete this generation you have to:
Become best friends with Johnny Zest (You could also marry him if you wanted to)
Reach level 10 in Charisma, Comedy and one instrument of your choice.
You cannot join the career until you’ve become best friends with Johnny (he’s the one who gets you your first gig) and you’ve reached level 3 in both Charisma and Comedy.
Have a party every Friday night where you “roast” your friends.
Marry a coworker - no one else really appreciates your humor.
Have at least two kids, one of them will be your best friend IF Johnny passes away before you do…

“The Odd one” - gen 2 (yes you have to use the odd numbered kid to continue - you can choose if you have multiple odd ones which of them gets to continue the legacy)
Your parents were so funny yet you couldn’t have cared less for their jokes - now the joke is on them, you will not be part of the laughingstock of the town, even IF you are the best friend of one of your parents you are gonna move to another town and “start over” far away from them… Anyways you were always the smart one.. weren’t you?
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Traits: Loner, Perfectionist & Geek
Career: Tech Guru - eSport Gamer Branch
Appearance: Geeky

To complete this generation you have to:
Finish the mental kid aspiration
Reach level 10 in the Programming, Logic and Videogaming skill
Win 5 gaming tournaments
Make 5 mobile apps
Successfully hack the Crumplebottom Servers
Never marry but eventually get engaged to your highschool sweetheart even if you have like nothing in common (the sim has to be an active one)
Complete the “My Sims” collection and you have to display it somehow in your home (think of the My Sims as like action figures or something)
Have one kid but let the other parent basically raise them on their own.

“The Curious one” - gen 3
Your parents stayed inside all day working on stuff on the computer, but you thought the outdoors were so much more interesting. I mean there’s just SO much to see! Oh what a fun looking tree…
Aspiration: The Curator
Traits: Loves outdoor, Cheerful and Clumsy
Career: Manual laborer/self publish writer
Appearance: Boho chic

To complete this generation you have to:
Finish the motor kid aspiration
Reach level 10 in Writing, Handiness & Fishing
Visit the Sylvian Glade (Willow Creek)
Visit the Forgotten Grotto (Oasis Springs)
Publish 10 Excellent books
Complete the Frogs Collection
Meet your significant other on a “fishing trip” and have a beautiful outdoor ceremony on your wedding day
Have three kids, bring them to the playground every Sunday and always play seamonster/space monster while they play in the Jungle Gym.
Also take your kids fishing every chance you get.

“The Homey one” - gen 4
Your parents were just so chill so why would you ever leave, in fact you wanna stay at their home all the time, why even move out when it’s so convenient, everything you could ever need is just right here!
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Traits: Childish, Lazy and Slob
Career: Freelancer (but you do like one gig a week) - any branch
Appearance: Casual pastel colors

To complete this generation you have to:
Reach level 10 in Mischief, Gardening and Fishing (because your parent always took you, you need to complete this too)
Complete the Fish Collection
Have three kids, all with different partners and never marry
Never move out of the gen 3’s home (if you need to move you need to bring your parents with you)
All your kids must be “top notch” toddlers and have just WAAAY too many toys.
Become best friends with your youngest kid and treat them like they are a baby angel (third child must have mean trait)
One of your other kids must have the social kid aspiration (next gen)
Always throw birthday parties for your kids
Spend most (if not all) of your family’s savings

“The Hopeless Romantic” - gen 5
Seeing your parents struggle with love you are determined to find yours. Also seeing your parents struggle with finances also made you want to make sure you will never end up in the same situation. You believe in yourself, everyone else should too!
Aspiration: Soulmate
Traits: Romantic, Bookworm and Self assured
Career: Writer - Author branch
Appearance: Preppy

To complete this generation you have to:
Finish the social kid aspiration
Reach level 10 in Charisma, Writing and Gardening
Go on at least 4 dates as a teen
Find your future partner in your teens
Complete the Garden Collection (yes that is a thing)
Complete the Postcard Collection
Complete the Magic Beans Collection
Have one kid as an adult

“The Creative one” - gen 6
Your parents were the perfect couple and it made you truly believe in true love, however you have another type of love in your life.. Painting. And that is like all you wanna do.”
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Traits: Creative, Artlover and Gloomy
Career: Artist - Master of the Real branch
Appearance: Simple yet put together

To complete this generation you have to:
Finish the creative kid aspiration
Reach level 10 in Painting and Mixology
Reach level 5 in photography
Create 10 masterpieces - You must keep them
Go on 5 dates, they all end up terrible except for the last one
Marry someone you “kinda” love from fear of being alone
Cannot get pregnant until you’ve reached the top of your career
Cheat on your significant other and get pregnant with the sim you cheated with
Divorce your significant other after the kid is born
Quit your job and throw yourself into painting and kinda neglect your child

“The Spaced one” - gen 7
Your parent only cared for one thing. Painting. That was all they did. So you kinda ended up having to work things out for yourself, losing yourself in looking for shiny things and in looking up at the stars at night wondering what is really out there...
Aspiration: Body Builder
Traits: Active, Ambitious and Genius
Career: Astronaut - Space Ranger branch
Appearance: Sporty

To complete this generation you have to:
Finish the mental AND the motor kid aspirations
Reach level 10 in Fitness, Logic and Rocket Science
Complete the Alien Collection
Complete the Space Rock Collection
Complete the Crystals Collection
Complete the Elements Collection
Complete the Metals Collection
Marry a Coworker because you will probably not meet anyone outside of work…
Have one child.

“The Gourmand one” - gen 8
While your parents were busy hoarding stuff from outer space you were busy tasting everything you could get your hands on, trying different flavors, combinations and you cannot believe how good some combinations really are…
Aspiration: Master Chef
Traits: Vegetarian, Foodie and Snob
Career: Culinary - Chef bransch
Appearance: Stylish

To complete this generation you have to:
Reach level 10 in Cooking, Gourmet cooking and Gardening
Own a Cupcake machine and make all different types of cupcakes
Host dinner parties every weekend - as goaled event and you have to reach gold each time!
Meet your significant other at one of these parties - your significant other has to be a glutton
Own every type of kitchen gadget
Brew tea on Sundays
Complete the Sugar Skull collection
Always make food with fresh ingredients (using the vegetables from your garden that is)
Have twins (you may cheat for this) who will be “total opposites”

“The Good/Bad one” - Gen 9 (you choose either or)
If you choose the Good one:
You were your parents absolute favorite child, the one who did their homework on time, helped out, you were the funny one, the one who never got into trouble but you reported it so of course when you got the opportunity to catch real crooks you took it!
Aspiration: Friend of the world
Traits: Good, Neat and Ambitious
Career: Secret Agent - Diamond Agent branch
Appearance: Polished

To complete this generation as “the good one” you have to:
Host parties for your friends every weekend
Reach level 10 in Charisma, Logic and Mischief
Take photos with ALL your friends all the time, have these up in your home
Post photos all the time on your simstagram account
Have at least 5 relationships at the same time, then realizing you really love one of them, dump all the other 4 ones on the same day and then ask that one to marry you.
Get pregnant right after marriage
Go on “hikes” as a family every Sunday and grill together
Never speak to your sibling again after moving out.

If you choose the bad one:
You were always neglected, nobody understood you, your sibling got all the positive reinforcements so you are just “acting out” to get attention… unfortunately you got that attention from someone who fortunately saw a new talent in you and offered you a job…
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Traits: Erratic, Hot-headed and Kleptomaniac
Career: Secret Agent - Villan branch
Appearance: Like a bum until you reach level 3 of your career, then you polish it up.

To complete this generation as “the bad one” you have to:
Steal something every day.
Reach level 10 in Charisma, Logic and Mischief
Have at least 5 relationships at the same time, all ending by you “accidentally” invite them to the same party because really you don’t really love any of them
Complete the Microscope Collection
Complete the Space Prints Collection
Finally meet the love of your life as an adult and have one kid
Never speak to your sibling again after moving out.

And last but not least…
“The Rich one” - gen 10
“You grew up with a secretive parent (either way) but it doesn’t really matter, you had most of what you wanted.. and it just made you want more! You like money, and you kinda don’t want to share. You found out that your family had a storage unit filled with “junk” but you just saw it as treasure and who wouldn’t wanna live in a museum filled with treasures?
Aspiration: Mansion Baron
Traits: Materialistic, Jealous and Non committal
Career: Business - Investor Branch
Appearance: Business ALL the way.

To complete the last generation you have to:
Reach level 10 in Charisma, Logic and Video Gaming
Display ALL of your family’s collections
Complete the Fossil Collection
Have an on-again/off-again relationship that you may or may not have a child with…
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