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Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

AvatarCreatorFirst UploadGame
CatatonicGamerVampires No Longer Fail to Drink (Script & Core Mods)
LimeyYoshiBad Gamers Are Bad Gamers! (Global Mods)
matti2k216 days = 1 year Lifespan Mod and more (Updated 12/08/21) (Global Mods)
PRISMIXAccessory T-shirt (Sleepwear)
MaiaGameMaïa's cheats (Miscellaneous)
Arcadia NoxRoM Counter Top in Image Spectra (Surfaces)
modestystudioAdult Female Yukata Recolor - Demon Slayer (Everyday)
istillplaythesims256 Valentine Lane - A Small Cottage for Elderly Sims or Renovation (Residential)
sumandakTEEN - Casual to Formal (Formal)
CinnerUnlocked special accessories (Glasses & Other Accessories)
goldfi2hSims 2 in Sims 4 - all worlds savefile BETA (Neighborhoods & CAS Screens)
rosequartz1Kialauna Baby Maker Trait v2 - Revitalized! (Traits)
xndrotSpectral Assistant Hacks (Global Mods)
InsightBondThe Mega 16 Personalities Trait Pack (Traits)
Pix3lPirat3Sims 3 Speedy : GameSpeed Mod (Overrides)
trixiieStove recolours. (Appliances)
maplebellJoin a Country Club (Small Gameplay Mod) (Script & Core Mods)
KynodontasMercedin Village House- NO CC (Residential)
SunshineyDays22185 Rainbow Skintones (Skintones)
cribbagematchDresses with tights and sneakers (Everyday)
AgnelidTattoo Runes (Tattoos)
CubiertoDeFlores«Coloring drab existence» holiday tradition (Miscellaneous)
GOOD_BOYgoneBADFixed Nyx's Enhanced Aliens v1.5 (Miscellaneous)
GameTimeDevSims 4 Mod/CC Manager 2021 by GameTimeDev [BETA] V1.0 (Programs and Utilities)
KarthmanterNo More Batuu Introduction (Overrides)
LatestfireLess Successful Plead For Loved One (Global Mods)
DrGrimmSally Face Sal Fisher And Larry Johnson Custom Content (Makeup)
Camo 046 New mermaidtail recolours! (Island Living) (Miscellaneous)
PhoenixPhoeniksMid-century Cape cod {CC included!} (Residential)

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