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Default Transparent Scelera Eyes

I've made two sets of default eyes - theyre exactly the same as in Vanilla, but with one exception - the Scelera is transparent.

This means that sims with the flesh-coloured skintones (S1-S4) would have their eyes display normally, while Alien Sims would have a black scelera but coloured irises.

Set 1 "Reptilian" - This is primarily made in mind for hoods which are full of aliens so you can have colour diversity while they still look really alien.
Set 2 "Anime" - This is a compromise that preserves a white ring around the iris - which may be preferable if you're mostly playing with Hybrids.

You can install them to view in game/in BS using this link .

Are they good enough for upload, or is there any issues that need to be resolved?

Here are four photos.

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