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Cat Legacy Challenge! (Minor Update)
Hi everyone! So, first of all, you might know the Warrior Cats challenges, I know that those are cooler and more popular. But I didn't read the series and didn't really know a lot about them, so I decided to make a challenge for normal cats myself. This is a brand new challenge so I'll still be working on it . Thank you for understanding.

EPs needed:

Mods needed:
MasterController + MasterContoller Cheats
Nraas DebugEnabler
CmarNYC's Pregnancy Progress Controller Mod (Optional, just to make things easier without the pet houses. Note that you can't use this mod other than for cat pregnancy in the challenge.)

To start:
1 - I recommend you start your journey in Appaloosa Plains, but it can be anywhere else you see that suits this challenge.
2 - Choose Lionheart household. You can create your household, but it'd make things complicated because you need at least four cats and one of them needs to be a kitten. There also needs to be an elder sim but their age bar should be close to the end, they still need to have enough days for the kitten to age up though. (You need the nraas mastercontroller mod + mastercontroller cheats module)
3 - Before you start playing, choose Maria (The kitten in the Lionheart household) or a kitten you might have created. All the other cats and sims in the household should be made unselectable with the mod mentioned in the 2nd article.
4 - It's all done! Now you can start playing.

1 - You can't make your mate active, they're supposed to be domestic cats living with a sim.
2 - Cats who've grown to elder should be moved to a household (you can create a story for them like they've been caught by the animal control etc.). Adult cats can stay and you can make a clowder (a group of cats) but there still needs to be an heir(ess) who will be the parent of the next gen's litter. Also, you can only select your cat and their litter, all the other adult cats in the clowder need to be made unselectable.
3 - Cats aren't very social animals, so it is not required to befriend the cats in your clowder, you can even be their enemies. It is recommended to behave based on your cat's traits though. (e.g., if your cat is friendly you will be more likely to befriend the clowder's cats.)
4 - This is not sort of a clan thing so most cats in the clowder (if you decide to make one) will be related, which means the cats will probably be littermates or parents/older siblings. That means you can't choose a mate from the clowder.
5 - For every elder cat moved out you can recruit a non-related stray cat. All you have to do is install Nraas Debug Enabler and click on the mailbox on your empty lot, then you can choose debugenabler and "Trigger stray". Then you have to present them a meal (I'm not sure if you can, haven't tested it yet.) and then you can make them active. If you want to make this process harder then you can befriend them as well (If the meal method doesn't work try being friends with them to recruit.). You can choose a recruit as a mate but after reproducing the stray has to be moved out. (you can give them a service occupation.)
6 - If you want you can hunt in groups, but unless there are many kittens to feed you have to do it alone as the parent.
7 - One last thing, this one is optional but I decided to include it if you wanted to create some drama. If you beat a cat in a fight 5 times in a row, they can be killed by cheats. This killed cat can be an enemy from the clowder, and once you kill them you can rise greatly in rank (of course cats have hierarchy as well, even if it is different than dogs.). If you beat them 3 times in a row, then you can exile them if you are dominant enough or wound them severely, which makes you able to cancel mean interactions directed towards your cat from that cat.

Point Chart:
Fertility Treatment for Pets purchased - 50 Points
Super Smart Pet purchased - 30 Points
Raised 2 kittens - 20 Points
Raised 5 kittens - 50 Points
Maxed out Hunting Skill - 50 Points
2nd Generation done - 100 Points
3rd Generation done - 200 points
If you have 500 points by the time the challenge finishes, you win! There actually isn't a requirement about the points, the point chart is only for people who want to make it a little harder. Feel free to play in the style that suits you, with or without points.

Generation 1 (Starter)
(I'll be telling it based on the Lionheart household but these rules/goals apply to each household made for this challenge.)
1 - Grow healthy without getting into fights with other cats.
2 - Learn to hunt (After you've grown) and get it to at least the 5th level.
3 - Move out all the cats (including you) to other households in Edit Town before Hetty dies.

Generation 2
Your previous owner, Hetty died. You and Pickles, Muffin, and Mothball were moved out to other houses. Your friends seem to be happy in their new homes, but your new owner is quite mean to you, she barely feeds you and doesn't give you what you need. So you want to escape..

1 - Escape from home. You start this generation on an empty lot and move a sim (preferably a young adult) in with your cat. Sell your sim in build/buy mode with "moveobjects on" cheat or make them a small place enough for their needs.
2 - The hunting skill was needed here! Now it's time to find a mate that you're old enough. Find a male/female cat and visit them frequently (they can't be strays) until your relationship is high enough, then have kittens with them. Even if you're a male cat you have to care for your litter. You need to hunt for yourself and your kittens.
3 - Survive. You're now feral, and you can't let your hunger go all the way down to the bottom. If hunger goes down to the bottom and becomes red, that cat as to die by cheats. If your cat has died before the kittens were fully grown, you lose.

Generation 3 (Requires Supernatural EP)

One of your kittens was found by a witch and the witch has decided to use him/her as a familiar. (You can control the witch at times to reward yourself for this generation.)

1 - Serve well for the witch. She rewards you with gourmet food and rare rodents every time you stay by her side while doing magical stuff.
2 - Max hunting skill.
3 - Become best friends with the witch.
4 - Find a black cat as a mate. ( If there is none around you can create one yourself.)
3 Generations for now! Hope you enjoy the challenge. I tried to make it as interesting as I could, for players like me who get bored easily .
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