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Default commodity_age modifiers?
Okay, I really thought I had this handled but I'm utterly losing my mind here. Nothing works.

The buff for plant milk (Cottage Living) supposedly helps slow aging, so I thought its structure would be a good starting point to see how to slow down the aging of Sims with different traits for my fantasy races mod. Apparently, I was wrong, because I've yet to see it work, and at this point I can't figure out what I'm missing?

I've considered the alternative of temporarily freezing age altogether via buffs/loots in order to extend lifespan, but the fact that the plant milk included such a bonus had me under the impression that it was possible to directly make it slower. I'm so confused.

I feel bad for asking but yeah, I'm at wit's ends here. I don't know how to make these modifiers actually function.

Am i missing something about how they work?
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