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Supernatural in CAS
For a long time now, Supernatural has had the flaw of not being able to create other occults in CAS. Maxis decided to add the Genies Genies after that it was over.
For a long time, I was looking for a mod that fixes this problem. Currently there is only the MasterController as a solution, for Mermaids there is a mod that adds the kelp in the buy mode. Now these solutions are not very nice if you own Supernatural with a "CAS" tool that should actually allow exactly this selection.
Unfortunately there is no mod that can do this and now I want to try again myself. However, I do not know quite what I should do how.
As a clue I have searched in the game files for the CAS graphics that are used in the occult submenu for the selection. I found them.

What else I found: Besides the known selection graphics for vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches. Ghosts and Genies there are also graphics in the same format, with the same naming scheme (Select_occulttype) for Mummies, Imaginary Friends and SimBots. During development, it was thought that maybe these three occults could be added to the submenu, like the Genies?

Anyway, now I have the graphics. Can I use them to find the actual game files that run the CAS and add the occult submenu among other things? Somehow the game must eventually use the graphics to then display them. In this case, what do I search for in which files? Do I search for the "Instance" or for the name of the "Select_" graphics in the files?

Some modders finally found out where all the sliders were placed in the code, for example. The occult submenu can't be far from that.
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