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Is it possible to see what makeup you used on a sim in Simpe?
Not sure if this belongs here but I'll try!

Is it possible to extract makeup textures from a saved sim file in SIMPE? What I mean is if I create a sim and save it then take the file from the "saved sims" folder and open it up in SIMPE, can I somehow get all the textures of the makeup I used on that sim? I can extract the face just fine but I'd really like to have textures as well. I don't have the game installed anymore but I do have my Saved Sims and my mods folder! From what I can see, there is information about what makeup I used, but no texture. I thought I could look in SimPE and see the name of every makeup part I used but that doesn't seem possible.

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Not in SimPE with a face file - but you can do it for a Bodyshop sim by packaging and installing the sim (preferably into an empty folder so you know which files belong to that particular sim), and then you can open those files up in SimPE and extract the textures.

You can also do it for extracted ingame sims, BUT need to do that safely - tutorial here: The sim has to be cloned before the package files show up.

Bottom line - it's easiest if you have the game (and Bodyshop) installed.


I think it's technically possible to find the CC files via the face file, but it's a very dreary process and takes a lot of explaining (not even sure if I've got it entirely figured out). It also probably requires you to go on a halfway futile hunt through your CC, depending on how much you have, to compare certain numbers in each file with each other, which is not a fun job. I guess whether or not it's worth it depends how much time you've got on your hands, and what you're planning to use it for. If it's not for use in TS2 - probably not.
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