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Default Aura Legacy Challenge! Sorry if I messed something up, this is my first time posting
Aura Legacy Challenge
This challenge to my knowledge is an original idea, and any relation/similarities to other challenges is completely coincidental although it does take inspiration from a couple of other challenges. The Aura Legacy Challenge is where each new generation is based off of a different “Aura” (Look it up, it’s a sort of a magic-type thing). For example, because people with a green aura are supposed to be natural healers and nurturers, the green aura generation loves the outdoors and wants to raise a family, and so on. All rules and requirements will be below that generation's “Story”, and although some are pretty long I recommend you read through them as they might help you understand that generation's goals. If a Youtuber happens to be reading this, welcome (I'm totally not jumping with giddiness), and feel free to use this challenge in a video but give me at least a *teeny* bit of credit. General rules are directly below this text.


The oldest child is your heir. No, you can’t switch heirs because your oldest isn’t a girl. What makes the challenge fun is that you can’t control what kind of sim you will have. If twins are born, you may either choose which one is the heir or if not, the first one named is heir.

If for some reason your original heir is not able to complete/start their intended goals for the next generation, you may take on the next oldest child as the new generation instead.

Unless you are aiming to complete a specific goal, try not to micromanage your sim’s lives too much. Of course you may control them to take care of needs and various skill building but don’t turn off their autonomy completely

No occult sims unless further instructed.

Cheats are allowed, but not excessively, and no cheats that give you too much power.

If any of the tasks given to you for the current generation seems too overwhelming/difficult, you can skip it

Gen 1: Red (Passion and Strength)
Traits: Romantic, Active, Childish
Aspiration: Soulmate
Career: Athlete
Since you were a child, you dreamed of finding the perfect sim to love. Throughout your teens every person your age was a potential love interest to you. Once, when you were still quite young, you thought that you had found THE one. But when you confided your feelings to them, they rejected you and left you in the dust. Ever since, you have never been as quick to fall in love as you did as when you were younger and refuse to face your childhood crush ever again. To take out your anger, you took up exercising and discovered a life-long passion. Maybe one day something-or someone, will reawaken your old fire.

1. Get an at least half-full romance bar with a sim before breaking up. Become enemies with that sim and then sever contact altogether

2. Flirt with a few sims but never be in an official relationship for your whole YA-hood

3. Exercise at least twice a day. Whenever your sim becomes angry, you must workout to calm them

4. Own a yoga mat and practice occasionally. This mat will be passed along through each generation, so make sure to move it into your household inventory before your founder moves/dies

5. Max Fitness skill

6. Have your first kiss with someone the day you age up to an Adult (Note: ADULT. If at any point a young adult is referenced after this text, it will be shown like this: YA)

8. Get to at least level 5 of your career

9. Get married as an elder and only once you know all of your partner’s three traits

10. Move to any world besides your previous one before death

11. Reconnect with your old crush after your marriage (This was intended as a friendly connection, but you may choose to cheat on your spouse with them if you want some drama)

Gen 2: Orange (Joy and Good Health)
Traits: Adventurous, Cheerful, Outgoing
Aspiration: Friend of the World
Career: Doctor
You were born when your parents were… older, but despite how the other kids teased you about how they “couldn’t get a move on” you never let it bother you. You were always a compassionate child and wanted to make a difference since you could talk, but for a long time wasn’t able to figure out what exactly you wanted job-wise. Finally, after many jobs that were forced onto you by your parents, you realized why none of them felt right. You love helping people. You love a challenge. You finally found your true calling- being a doctor! And who knows, maybe you’ll find more than just a promotion is what you need to get your life on track….

1. Never perform any mean or mischievous interactions

2. Date at least two people as a teen but “Ask to Just be Friends” with all of them

3. Max the charisma skill

4. Own 1 cat and 1 dog

5. Rotate between many different part-time jobs as a teen and beginning of YA

6. Finally become a doctor in the middle of YA (Or after at least 4 part-time jobs)

7. Marry a coworker that is in the same lifestage as you

8. Have two or more biological children and 1 or more adopted children

Gen 3: Yellow (Intellect and Inspiration)
Traits: Creative, Goofball, Bookworm
Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
Career: Education or Painter
SPLASH! SIZZLE! The one thing that brought you the most joy as a child was your chemistry set. Since aging up to a young adult things have calmed down and you took up more creative arts, rather than explosions in the lab. You never gave up your excitable nature and have always had a playful, bouncy way about you. To your parents' pride, you have never been argumentative or made assumptions. On the contrary, you love learning new things and are incredibly open to new discoveries and ideas. You aren’t doing as well as you feel you should in your career and family life, but with your cheery attitude you constantly remind yourself there's always something to hope for in the future.

1. As a child, own both a chemistry set and a creativity table. Max the Mental skill and the Creativity skill

2. Complete the volcanic eruption school project during both teenhood and childhood

3. Starting as a YA, own an easel and achieve at least level 8 in the painting skill

4. Achieve level 5 (or higher) of the Logic skill

5. Have a mid-life crisis (ie, get demoted or fired, switch from nice clothes to shabby ones, grow distant from loved ones for a while)

6. After your first child is born, get a divorce and move back in with your parents

7. Get pregnant by/Impregnate a sim once you have moved back into your parents home and then never speak to that sim again

8. Have you and both of your children become best friends with the family pets

9. Stop painting during your mid-life crisis, but when your second-born ages up to a child, buy an expensive easel and move out to an even bigger house than your old one

Gen 4: Green (Nature and Healing)
Traits: Family-Oriented, Vegetarian, Loves Outdoors
Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
Career: Conservationist
Ever since you took a step outside, you knew that you were destined to be one with nature. You never believed in slaughtering other beings for resources, so you decided you would help the animals by becoming a vegetarian. But even as a peaceful being, not all sims are as pure and pro-green as you. On the days you are tormented, sometimes you just feel a little gloomy. But you try your best to ignore these people and spread as much awareness about the earth as you can, as that is and will always be your real passion. Oh, and you’ve always wanted a family. A bundle of children AND a house full of plants is the life of your dreams.

1. Drink herbal tea every day

2.Own a garden and tend to it daily. If a plant dies, cheat a sad moodlet (if this seems too daunting, just drop everything and go to sleep for a few hours)

3.Have a strained relationship with everybody you meet unless they share at least one of your traits

4. Marry a Family-Oriented sim but occasionally argue with them over nature and industrial takeover

5. Have at least three children

6. Have a micro-home (OPTIONAL)

7. Have your house be covered head to toe in plants

8. Only dress in green (OPTIONAL)

9.Become a plantsim

10. Own 1 pet of your choice (May be a small animal such as a hamster or rat)

11. Take a vacation to Granite Falls at least once during your life

Gen 5: Blue (Comfort and Relaxation)
Traits: Neat, Proper, Good
Aspiration: Inner Peace
Career: Self-Employed (Run a Spa) or Writer
From a very young age you were taught to just relax, and to appreciate the elated life around you. This elated life was usually plants. Many, many plants. You have always had a special place in your heart for these little green not-quite-sentient plants because of your childhood but after becoming a teen you realized that living among the leaves wasn’t for you. However, you retained your relaxed nature and found that yoga was your true calling. After collecting the funds to do so, you started your own spa and set out to achieve world peace through manicures and saunas.

1. Max the Wellness

2. Complete your aspiration

3. Run a spa and achieve a 5-Star rating before elder age

4. If a sim around you is sad or angry, you must always attempt to calm them down.

5. Keep mean and mischief interactions to a minimum

6. Make friends with at least one ghost

7. Vacation to Sulani as a YA

8. Become best friends with someone on vacation, and later marry them

Gen 6: Purple (Intuition and Vision)
Traits: Genius, Paranoid, Loner
Aspiration: Master Actor/Actress
Career: Actor/Actress
Calm down. Take a deep breath. Sigh. Yoga and Wellness was your whole world when you lived with your parents, and you always were fond of the activity but never wanted it as your profession. You didn’t want a peaceful, uneventful life. You wanted ACTION! Like your ancestors, you had a strong desire to help others. But it just wasn’t the same. Your family pushed you to “Follow your dreams” and become a doctor like your great-great grandparent, but that was never what you truly aspired to do. Now that you have moved out of your old house, with all of your knowledge on drama basics you are ready to conquer the world of theater. But despite your grand dreams of becoming an acting star, things start veering off the road you built for yourself when you find out your introverted nature might be getting in the way of your lifelong goal. Desperate for certainty, you seek guidance from those who have already completed what they had set out to do long ago, who know exactly what they want and how to do it… Ghosts, of course! Reconnecting with your parent’s undead friend from your childhood might be just what you need…

1. During teenhood, join the Drama Club.

2. Gain the “Controlled Emotions” Character Value by the time you age up to YA.

3. Meditate (practice yoga basically) every so often.

4. If possible, as a YA devote a whole room to “scrying”, as you claim you can see into the future. Set up plenty of plants, candles, your yoga mat, and some other calming activities in this room.

5. Max the Acting and Research and Debate skills by the time you age up to an elder.

6. Get to the top of your career.

7. Meet another loner at an acting gig and become best friends with this person. (if you wish, you may later date them).

8. Have a very high relationship with any living ancestors, even the most distant relations.

9. Own at least 10 sculptures and a minimum of 5 paintings.

10. Never eat sweet things, but drink a lot of coffee.

11. As soon as possible, get married to your partner. As soon as you are engaged, you must tend to your fiance’s every want and need. Put their care before yours (note that if this is too overwhelming, you do not have to do this).

Gen 7: White (Newness and Purity)
Traits: Noncommittal, Unflirty, Self-Assured
Aspiration: Master Maker
Career: Unemployed or Social Media
Fitness? Love? Painting? Wellness? As you grew up, more and more things were expected of you and more and more you realized that you were the odd one out in the family. Every generation before you knew who they were and what their purpose was from the moment they were born, and you simply… don’t. You grow older and older, and you wait and wait for something to come to you, but you just don’t know what you want to do in your life. You ask your “fortune telling” parent to gaze into your future, but all they see is just a pure, shiny white. You take a slight interest in uploading videos to social media, but it all feels so empty. Your family tries to be supportive, but they don’t realize how much they are hurting you with their assumptions and expectations. Especially when they bring up romance. *Shudder* No, you never want to find a soulmate. It sounds unappealing and just downright disgusting at some times. But hey, you’re nearing your next birthday… Maybe you can find a hobby and turn things around by then?

1. Have no positive or negative Character Values.

2. Consistently earn a C in school.

3. Opposite of the Purple generation, be distant with your family (if you start to feel lonely, you
may befriend a select few of your family members).

4. Try to stay in the “fine” emotion as much as possible.

5. Never hire a nanny, pizza delivery, maid, or services of that nature.

6. Have an arranged marriage with a Spellcaster (either cheat a marriage or roleplay/pretend to have an arranged marriage).

7. Sleep in opposite beds. You have as high of a friendship with them as you want, but you cannot have a high romance bar.

8. Get to level 5 in all basic skills, (ex. Cooking, Handiness, nothing too dramatic) then make your spouse do all the heavy lifting.

9. Have two children at the very most.

10. Switch aspirations frequently and only complete 1, if not none of them.

11. Own a large book and set it in the middle of a table. Do not sell this, and if it is put into a sims inventory, put it back to its original placing.

Gen 8: Silver (Magic and Manifestation)
Traits: Cheerful, Freegan, Erratic
Aspiration: Spellcraft and Sorcery
Career: Astronaut
Does any other kid have a wand? Or a crystal to another dimension? Can they shoot sparks from their hands or light candles with their fingertips? You always felt that you were special, and since your parents sat you down and told you why you always felt a calling to the old leather “Cookbook'' that you were never allowed to touch, you finally understood. You’re a Spellcaster! Something unexplained, something magical happened to you when you were born, because one of your parents was a Spellcaster all along. When you were old enough, they took you to the Glimmerbrook portal and discovered a whole new world. There you met another magical sim and you instantly clicked. After years of knowing each other, you realize that you’re in love, but you still have to work up the nerves to admit it to them. You have always been attractive, and over the course of time have reeled in many suitors your age, but you know there is only one person in the whole world you want. Careerwise, your parents have encouraged you to stay with them and let them pay for your care, but you want to live on your own and be independent. Luckily *wink wink*, you have always been gifted at handling the wheel of fortune and find out that your true dream is to become an astronaut and journey to Sixam!

1. Have at least one Character Value trait by YA-hood
2. Find out you’re a spellcaster and travel to the magical world in Glimmerbrook as a child.

3. There, meet another child sim (you can forcefully bring them here) and become best friends with them. As a teen, subtly flirt with them, but only have a slight romance bar.

4. Don't confess your love to your childhood crush until YA-hood.

5. Learn all the spells in at least 1 type of magic.

6. Reach the top of your career as fast as possible.

7. Own an observatory and stargaze every night.

8. Marry your childhood crush, and have at least 3 children.

9. Significantly ignore your oldest child but not on purpose, and accidentally injure them while they are still young (since they are a Spellcaster, setting them on fire with a spell and then extinguishing them might be fun).

Gen 9: Black (Trauma and Protection)
Traits: Mean, Gloomy, Self-Absorbed
Aspiration: Master Mixologist
Career: Self-Employed (Write Books)
Mistakes. Traumatic, unforgivable mistakes. You were still so young. It hurts to retell the tale, and since the incident you’ve locked yourself inside your room and haven’t come out unless it’s something important. Heh. Like anything matters to you anymore. You hate your parents for neglecting you for years and years, and you’ve held on to harmful emotions for a long time now, refusing to forgive or forget or let go of anything that happened. The only joy in your life now comes from your books that you are currently writing on your small cramped desk in a small cramped room. You originally didn’t allow anyone to trespass in your messy room, but you slowly begin to warm up to your siblings, who seem to want to help you get your life on track. Since you love drinking juice so much, they drag you to the bar to apply for a job, but you get turned down due to your disheveled look. This drains all of your confidence and you retire back to your room for weeks. Cautiously, you publish your first book, and it makes you more cash than you’d expect. But is it enough to make a living and move out?

1. Have one negative Character Value trait.

2. After your accident, either don’t talk to your family or only use mean interactions.

3. Have a clutter-filled room with a desk and a computer.

4. Slowly start to befriend your siblings as a YA.

5. Sneak out and go to the bar every night.

6. Write one children’s book and then stop for one season.

7. Once you are a high enough skill, write a different genre book every day.

8. Max the Mixologist skill.

9. Earn 1000 simoleons on your own purely from writing, and then take the remaining funds from your parents and move to a different world. Take your siblings with you when you move.

10. Learn the logic skill and take it up as a hobby.

11. Become famous from publishing your books and stop going to the bar for the most part.

Gen 10: Rainbow (Energy and Experience)
Traits: Any Traits
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Career: Make Money from Collectibles
The moment you were born and before, you were known by everyone in the same world as you (and a few in the others). Why? Your parent, a former juiceaholic, turned their life completely around selling their books, and eventually became famous. It was enriching and good for your development to be around so many people, and you loved making others feel good, but you didn’t want a normal job like the others. What really interested you was the outside world. You weren’t an absolute green freak like your great-great-great-great grandmother/father, but seeing bugs burrow in the dirt and frogs jump from lily pad to lily pad always fascinated you. As an adult, you grew curious when you witnessed a traveling healer help your sibling, completely healing them with a whisk of their fingers. Intrigued, you begged to help them, and they took you on as their apprentice. Now you travel from world to world, completing one task after another for your master. But even now, you find time to breed a frog or two.

1. Max the Communication skill as a toddler, the Social skill as a child, and the Charisma skill as a Teen.

2. Be born famous (you will have to cheat this as soon as they are a toddler) but eventually have your fame drop.

3. As soon as possible, gather as many collectibles as you can and sell them. You may also breed frogs.

4. As a Teen, have a mysterious elderly sim visit your household. Become good friends with them.

5. Move out as a Teen into a completely different world and start dating someone there.

6. Heal at least three people (invite them over and get your friendship bar to full with them, and when you have achieved this give yourself an amount of money depending on how fast you became friends) and then move to a new world. Repeat this process every time you move.

7. When you have moved, you must also break up with your partner. Start dating somebody in your new world. Repeat this every time you move.

8. Have at least 50,000 simoleons and a good reputation before death.

9. As an elder, finally settle down in a world and marry one of your partners.

10. Have a family reunion every year on Winterfest.

11. Adopt all of your children (If you want, you may have biological children if you want your final generation to have the same genes as Gen 1, as this might be more rewarding for some people).

Gen 11: Gold (Enlightenment and Mastery)
Traits: Good, Animal Enthusiast, Insider
Aspiration: Neighborhood Confidant
Career: Military
For the longest time, you had the perfect life. Explosions of yellow and pink and sky-blue lined the walls of your room. The highest quality care from your parents, great connections with your siblings, and as many pets as you desired. Their health and happiness was the only thing you had in mind, as you were always an animal enthusiast. Then disaster struck. After your very first pet passed away, you fell into a deep depression, and you were unsure if you would ever fight off your looming sadness. You got over it eventually, but the scar never healed, no matter how faded it became. After your pet’s death you began to think more about your future, and started to study hard. You aspire to learn all the skills, have a great relationship with your extended family, and be the best sim there ever was! You take up a career in the military, dreaming not of the possible wounds you may receive but of how you are helping your country grow strong. After so many generations, all with their fears and flaws, you will show them that you are going to show them that no sim was ever like you! Even if you don’t end up being perfect, you are confident that you’ll live your dreams.

1. Have a bright room.

2. Never have a need go down to red (only the bright red, like failing need color).

3. Get the “Top-Notch Toddler” reward trait (max all Toddler skills).

4. Own at least 5 pets while you still live in your parent’s home. These can include small animals.

5. Insert yourself into your friends lives often and advise them on important subjects (ie. Discuss Expanding the Family, Encourage to Follow Dream Job, Hook Up With interactions..).

6. Complete your aspiration before you age up to an Adult.

7. When you move out, take all of your pets with you.

8. Date someone with at least two of the same traits as you.

9. Have your friendship bar full with everybody you know.

10. Have a Pristine reputation and 1,000,000 before death.

11. Complete as many aspirations and unlock as many Reward Traits as possible.
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lol it's sad that I'm the first commenter on my own challenge
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Hey, I’m Edith, I really love your challenge! It's wonderful! I'm a Chinese TS4 player, and I wanna show your great work to more Chinese players. Unfortunately, most Chinese people cannot get access to foreign websites due to our country's policy. And it's hard for most of us to read English. Can I translate this challenge into Chinese and share it in a Chinese TS4 forum? I will absolutely give you credit and link it back to your site. The forum's link is:
Thank you for making such an interesting and perfect challenge!Looking forward to getting your response!
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Originally Posted by EdithQAQ
Hey, I’m Edith, I really love your challenge! It's wonderful! I'm a Chinese TS4 player, and I wanna show your great work to more Chinese players. Unfortunately, most Chinese people cannot get access to foreign websites due to our country's policy. And it's hard for most of us to read English. Can I translate this challenge into Chinese and share it in a Chinese TS4 forum? I will absolutely give you credit and link it back to your site. The forum's link is:
Thank you for making such an interesting and perfect challenge!Looking forward to getting your response!

Hey! Thanks for replying, I haven't been on this forum for a while so I didn't see I got a reply.
As long as I get the proper credit, you can translate this or do what you will with it. Thanks so much for liking my challenge and taking an interest in it.
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