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Town to Town Challenge
Town to Town Challenge
Challenge by KangarooSimmer

this challenge is for all the people how want to try something different
and explore all different residental towns. they are 16 generations.
(must have all packs to place, this doesn't include My wedding stories)

1. Must start in Newcrest
2. must start with female Monarch with each family
3. Each generation moves to a different town
4. Pets owned by owner at time must have Generation last name
5. Each family can have as many members as want
but youngest child of family to start next generation
6. cheats are allowed for money(for start home using "freerealestate" or motherlode x2 )
and change moodlets (if critical).
7. money cheat (motherlode x1 for all next gen house)
8.This generation Challenge is allowed to be in long lifespan(if choose)

Newcrest Dreamer
You are a Beautiful young lady and you love being outside in the garden growing as many different flowers as possible but you still want to find you one and only soul mate.
Aspiration: Soulmate
Traits: Vegetarian,Green friend, music lover
starter town: Newcrest
Career: Gardener (Floral Designer Branch)
- Complete Gardening skill
- Complete 10 Flower Arrangement
- Complete Aspiration
- Have a Child in Summer
- Have every type of flower(base game) in your backyard

Oasis designer
you just moved to oasis springs for a fresh new start, you always wanted to be a interior designer, but you also want to collect something that the world as to find.
Aspiration: The Curator
Traits: Neat perfectionist, Creative
move to town: Oasis Springs
Career: Interior Decorator
- Complete the handiness Skill
- Find Forgotten Grotto(secret lot)
- Find 8 metals
- Get Married

willow creek lazy nerd
you have just moved to Willow Creek, and join the science career, you don't mind doing work but you rather gorge out on food instead.
Aspiration: Nerd brain
move to town :Willow Creek
Career: Science
- Complete Element collection
- Full in love with a co-workers
- Complete logics skill
- Visit Sylvan Glade(secret lot)

City Erratic art lover
You have just moved to the beautiful city called San Myshuno and you cant wait to see what the city holds for you, While you visiting the city when you were young you got inspiring idea of becoming a politican.
Aspiration: City Native
Traits: materialistic, erratic art lover
move to town: San Myshuno
Career:Politician (Politician Branch)
- complete singing skill
- Complete Poster collection
- Have a child in Autumn(Fall)
- Complete Aspiration

Windenburg Judge
You have just moved to Windenburg the curious town with a sea monster in the water, but want to become a judge of this town.
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack
Traits: dance-machine outgoing insider
move to town : Windenburg
Career:Law (Judge Branch)
- complete charisma Skill
- Complete Career
- get married at Von Haunt Estate
- Join a Club and become leader

Suluni sunburnt babe/Guy
You have just moved to Sulani you love the marine life but its environment is very messy. while you were relaxing at home you also like to work on your tan.
Aspiration: Beach Life
Traits: Child of island, loves outdoor, Cheerful
move to town:Sulan
Career:Conservationist(Marine Biologist Branch)
-Complete Fishing skill
-Complete seashell collection
- Have a Mermaid as a Best friend
- have a Child, and don't get married
- get sunburnt once

Academic Hot-head
You have just moved to Britechesteras a new uni student, you are a person how is ambitious but unsure how you go being a hot head aswell.
Aspiration: Academic
Traits: Bro, Hot-headed, ambitious
move to town:Britechester(in dorm or residental home)
Career:Fast Food Employee
- get to level 5 of Research & Debate and robotics skill
- complete a certificate (of your choose)
- complete a servo
- get married in Winter

Eco maker
You have just moved to Evergreen Harbour but you want to find home here to be close to your family. but you also want to be a Civil Planner to make place more eco friendly cause it just not.
Aspiration: Master Maker
Traits: maker, recycle disciple, childish
move to town: Evergreen Harbor
Career:civil Designer(Civic Planner Branch)
- compelled Fabrication skill
- live in a off-grid house
- complete Career
- complete Aspiration

The Snobby Celebrity
You have just moved to Del Sol Valley, where your biggest Dream to become a world famous celebrity.
Aspiration: World-Famous Celebrity
Traits: noncommitted, mean, snob
move to town: Del Sol Valley
-compelete Media production skill
-Compelete Aspiration
- Have a celebrities Baby
- Have 2 boy/girls friends at once

Strangeville Paranoid
You have just moved to abnormal place called StrangerVille, where things here are not as the seem, where the people acting suspicious, but please Beware the bizarre fruit, don't eat it.
Aspiration: StrangerVille Mystery
Traits: Paranoid,Squeamish gloomy
move to town: StrangerVille
Career:Military(Covert Operator Branch)
-complete Programming skill
-Get to level 8 in Career
-Live in a tiny house
- Have a child in Spring

Brindleton animal lover
You have just moved to Peaceful bay called Brindleton Bay, you see strays running around and you want to make friends with them, also maybe even end up with one a you furry companion as you own.
Aspiration: Friend of the Animals
Traits: cat lover, dog lover, Bookworm
move to town: Brindleton Bay
Career: Detective
-Get level 5 in Veterinarian skill
- Complete 6 levels in Career
- Adopted stray cat and dog
- Buy a Small Vet

Country romantic
You have just moved to country town called Henfor-on-Bagley, where the country lifestyle is the one for you, you alway wanted to be able live on your own farm and have animals big and small.
Aspiration: Country Caretaker
Traits: Animal enthusiast, Lactose intolerant, romantic
move to town: Henfor-on-Bagley;
Career:Gardener(Botanist Branch)
-Compelete Cross-stitch, and knitting skill
- have 1 of each animal(Cat, dog, cow, llama, hen and rooster)
- befriend 4 bunnies
- try to befriend agnes Crumplebottom

Mt. Komorebi Enthusiast
You have just moved to snowy Mt. Komorebi, where the Extreme Sports lifestyle is all you; You love the snow and every sports to do with it.
Aspiration: Extreme Sports Enthusiast
Traits:adventurous, proper, geek
move to town: Mt. Komorebi
Career: Salaryperson (Expert Branch)
- get level 5 on Rock climbing, skilling, and snowboarding skills
- get to level 8 of Career
- Marry a Spellcaster
- have a child in winter

Medium Spellcaster
You have just moved to a magical town of Glimmerbrook where one of your parents grew up and you loved the idea of living here where you can let your magical powers grow.
Aspiration: Spellcraft & Sorcery
Traits: good, family-oriented, foodie
move to town : Glimmerbrook
Career: Self-Employed
- get level 5 of Herbalism and Medium
- Live in a Haunted Resident house
- visit The Magic Realm
- Secretly have a child with a vampire

Klepto Vampire
You have just moved to dark town of Forgotten Hollow, Your a young vampire how wants to learn more vampire powers, while trying not to still to may things and get caught,
Aspiration: Master Vampire
Traits: self-assured, kleptomaniac, jealous
move to town: Forgotten Hollow
-Compelet Vampire lore and pipe organ skill
- Have 6 plasma Tree in you back yard
- Have a family of 6
- have one child Take vampire cure

the unflirty explorer
You have just moved to moved back to the town where it all started for your family many genaration ago, you want to become a explorer and write about all your adventures along the way.
Gen person: child Taken the vampire cure
Aspiration: Jungle Explorer
Traits: unflirty active goofball
finishing Town: NewCrest
Career: Freelance(writers branch)
-Selvadoradian Culture
- Compelet Writing skill
- Compelet 10 gigs
- Go camping in Granite Falls
- Compelet Herbalism
-Compelet Crystal collection
-Compelet Ancient Omiscan artifacts and Omiscan treasures collection.
- Have a Skeleton as a friend.
- As an elder pass away in Newcrest.

if you want to upload any households, builds to gallery put in #Town2TownChallenge #T2TBuild (for lots)
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