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Sims 4 legacy challenge
Sims 4 a new legacy challenge
So this is a legacy challenge but its also a rags to riches challenge.
So basically you will start off in newcrest with 3,000 simolins on a 20 x 15 lot with a young adult on a normal lifespan you must give them the main traits family oriented and loves the outdoors the last one is your call.

You must start out in summer and it must be on 14 days if you have seasons ,you must make at least 10 friends 5 friends and 5 love interest
Each love interest must be a young adult to adult .

Now on to the 2nd part of the rules


1. Your sim must not work ,they must only collect money from digging for minerals and selling them or borrowing a small loan or sell what is in their inventory from things like fishing and so on.

but here's the kicker if you decide borrow money you must pay back that money in full with a 30 dollar fee.

2. Your sim must not accept the inherentince money from that call about the inherentince money.

3. before your sim can get intimate or flirty with there chosen love interest they must have a at least a 30+ friendship or higher with them.

4. once you get that you must have at least 60+ romance relationship with your chosen love interest before you ask them to marry you.

5.once you are married you must master cooking, baking, gourmet cooking and charisma as well as comedy cause what's a relationship without comedy, you must also move your husband in after the marriage.

6. You must not take your significant others money from his household. and if you do end up receiving the money from their inventory and so on you must deplete or subtract in other words that number from your household funds . And your partner must quit his job as soon as they move in

7. You must plant a garden to grow your own veggies, fruits, and you can use a chicken coop for eggs as well as meat and cows for their meat and milk , you can also do canning for money alongside candle making that's final.

You must have at least 4 kids and they must max out the toddler skills before they become A child and must have at least a B in school as a child, and finish there homework every night except for Friday and Saturday .

As they become a teen you must move out the first oldest and second oldest into a house together and have at least 3 roommates this is where things get a little hectic.

Part 3

1.your teen sims must have at least one of these traits out of three, mean, jealous, noncommittal, unflirty, geek, slob , or my personal favorite gloomy, or erratic.

They must keep a journal to help work through there emotions so they won't die it happens alot more then you think.

2. your sims lot must also be in newcrest you pick where and you can either build the house yourself, or download a pre-made made one and use free real estate on or if your parents have enough and gave you some money use it to build your own house .

with the new neighborhood stories you must have sims move in or out as well as child birth, and adoption.

Once your sim becomes a young adult they must only do oddjobs to help them financially to help keep up with those bills.

Part 4

Building a community / using your imagination .

Your newfound young adults must help build a school for elementary kids and teens as people say you got to work for a better life.

your sims must build at least 2 bars , 2 retail grocery store, and 1 decent restaurant .

1. When Building the schools for elementary kids and teen students you must travel to a empty lot and start building.

this is where you need to keep track of how much money you spend in free edit build mode .

once you have kept track of that you must deduct that amount from your household funds if you don't have it let's say you take out a loan however much you decided to take out.

You must pay it back before your sims birthday and if you can't in time and you are late it's a 400 dollar late fee plus the money you owe so build wisely. same goes for the 2 bars and the 2 retail grocery stores as well as the 1 restaurant.

Part 5
Using the game to your advantage

We all know you can create clubs in the sims 4 correct well here is how you can use it to your advantage in this challenge.

Create 2 clubs one being for the elementary school kids and the other being for the high school teens.

Each club you can create to your liking as long as it has an academic criteria to help the kids learn.

And for the hangout you can use a school as long as their fully buildt now be sure to class the schools as a lounge or a park and lock the doors for only your club members.

and leave the lot and return back to the lot seeing as ea doesn't allow school lots , just make sure you have a music room .

as well as a tv you can hide the bar under the foundation if you decide to classify it as a lounge.

but I recommend turning the lot into a park instead of a lounge.

Part 6
Continuing to populate

So now that some of your community is build its time to create more life in this world we like to call the sims.

1.after some of your community has been built then its time to continue populating as a young adult you must have up to at least 6 kids but you are only allowed to adopt them.

that means your roommates will have to move out or you can kick them out if you want which might be easier.

2. With the toddlers your only goal is to level up the parenting skill before they become children, once that is done then you can age them up straight into child hood.

Once they have become children your only job is to help them with their homework and keep them well fed .

This generation is all about giving back to your community in the sims 4 which is if I say so myself most delightful to me.

Anywho moving on , once the kids have aged up into teens you must move the youngest out of the house.

An into the fake Hollywood known as del sol valley and this time it doesn't have to be a house you build yourself it could be a premade house.

Part 7
This generation is mostly about money we are gonna call it the material generation.

Your newly acclaimed teen must master the acting, singing,media production, video gaming and dancing skill, piano and dj mixing.

As well as take up the acting career or entertainment career as a young adult and max it out.

You Must have the fabulously wealthy aspiration for them first and complete it before their adult years.

As well as have seven kids and complete Mason baron aspiration before their elder years as well as well as move some of their kids back into newcrest.

as a teen to help build the community and make it brighter for the better.

for the next generation it could be any of your newly acclaimed young adults, they always been curious about the supernatural and weird, which brings us to your next generation.

Part 8
the weird and acclaimed generation is what we call it hehe.

They must move into glimmerbrook and meet the locals and destroy a charming relationship get it charming.

Or try their hand at impressing the sages and producing what I like to call magical spawns.

then trot on down towards the vampires nearby hometown and and try there thirsty hand at impressing the local vamps in town and spawning a fangtastic miracle.

once your done try traveling across the globe to a beach where beautiful woman are rumord to have a beautiful face but a deadly motive.

or you could get lucky and the only thing their rumored to have is a beautiful face and rainbow tail.

And lastly how about you take a ride on the wild side of the world and head to another galaxy and see what pollination technician has in store for you.

and yes your allowed to create these sims if you wish and have their children and who knows you mind end up with a tiny blue or purple miracle.

let your pride flag fly and give your prideful sims a prideful wedding or have them elope in the comfort of their home just invite your family and friends over and have quiet wedding to remember.

Your final sim generation should consist of the second to last oldest moving into windenberg as a young adult .

and starting out in university you can either go to school on campus or go to school off campus the choice is up to you if either you do it or not .

1. Your sim must graduate at top of their class , master logic,and handiness, programming, mischief, and lastly pet training and the veterinarian skill.

once you have masterd the veterinarian skill you must build your on vet clinic and take care of each pet that comes in.

Your sim must fall in love with either the same gender or any one from the lgbtqa society and yes you can create them if you wish use a pride mod if you want.

Your sim must have only two children it can be adoption or you birth them yourself its your sims body you can do as you please with it.

What you do from there is your choice if you personally ask me I would slide into the black widow challenge with my next gen. :p
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Please try it you might like it
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