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Is it possible to export the full 3d model of a house built in the sims 2?
Is it possible to export the full 3d model of a house built in the sims 2?
i been wanting to do this because i needed to use it as a reference for a sims 2 animation that im making of a killer chasing his victim around a house, and i wanted to use a 3d model of the house i built in the sims 2 to import it into milkshape 3d so i could make the animation. is this possible to do? and if so, how do i do it?
hope this makes sense...
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Probably not in a useful way, and not into Milkshape (I think that would be too many polys and objects). Houses in TS2 consist of a lot of items - each wall is one item, each fence and modular stair is one item, and so on.

I also think the animation would be too long for Milkshape to handle if you want it all in one bug chunk. If you instead split it up in several parts, you can hide the cuts from one animation to the next with camera angles and such, and you can import in single housebound items that need to be interacted with, like a door or stairs. It's probably a lot easier to handle (and I think that's how most people do these kinds of things anyway).

You don't actually need the whole house for most of the animation(s), just a small part of it - and a lot can be adjusted ingame anyway. If you need a wall, you don't need an actual ingame wall, just a stand-in blank 1x1 polygon plane so your sims don't go through it (unless there's a window or door there - in which case, import in a window or door, make your animation fit it, and know where to place your sim ingame by taking a picture of the start position in relation to the item).
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Would it be possible to export the full 3d model of the house with all the objects inside to use in blender?

I know milkshape has a poly limit but blender should be able to handle it.

It's just that getting the 3d model of the house and all of the furniture inside is the main question really
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Nobody ever figured out how to do that.
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