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Default Zaraga - A Uptown and Downtown Combined in One!

For my other project that I'm creating, here comes a new world in Downtown and Uptown that are combined in one!

It was a city that I was doing in The Sims 2, and for now it's in The Sims 3, it's a city by Night Into that comes with Skyscapers Lots is Gorgeous and Majestic Lots, a simple custom road created by me, and all a lot more!

For starters, my city started development on November 14, 2021, only after that I decided to stop development and started again yesterday so I could finally continue to make my city!

So that the city can continue my development, you can answer anything so that I can continue to make my city for me to do and see how it will turn out, but that's it!

And since it's in Very Early Development Stage, here are some pictures of the city I'm creating!
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World Machine can become your best friend. Here are some tutorials - -
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Default I Didn't Work On It Without New Screenshots!
After maybe... 3 weeks? I just know why i didn't post screenshots?

Is because i too lazy to work and always, i working on 2 more worlds to be released on Mod The Sims inculding this world, this name of 2 worlds that i working is Colares and Mucifal based on my county localized in Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal and that's is why i'm too much working of this world can actually become more like "I'm bored and i cannot work on this world right now", but always, i will try to work on this world sometime later, OK?
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Total suggestion which you can take for what I am charging, zero. I have started probably at least 50 worlds that have gone nowhere past this stage. And MTS has very many requirements for approving worlds. I have done many and have some on the exchange. I have about 5 or 6 now that are darn near done. And I do not think any of mine would be ready to submit for some time. My suggestion is work on one at a time, get it almost done, then post photos and details for feedback, if you are serious about hoping to get a world accepted here.
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