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Sinners and Saint Challenge
Gen.Rules/Intro/Authors Note(s)
The standard fare “no cheating/mods that will make this challenge easier for you / give you an advantage over someone else who is not using the mod(s)”
You must have at least two children for all generations save Greed/Charity
All color schemes are intended as a possible reference point for inspiration, and if you don’t want to use it is ok
For all of the Saint sims, unless otherwise stated, you can give them any traits except the following:
  • Hot Headed
  • Glutton
  • Kleptomaniac
  • Lazy
  • Slob
  • Evil
  • Mean
  • Self Absorbed
  • Materialistic
  • Romantic

~Saint sims will be expected to be the primary caregiver to any children born during the generations

~Unless otherwise stated both the saint and sinner sims may have children

~For the sake of family trees I suggest having the initial Wrath and Patience sims be siblings

~All sims, unless otherwise stated may have any job that fits the character

~Each new generation starts when the Sinner and Saint sims are at least in the young adult life stage

~All saint sims must be married before having a child

For the sake of making this slightly easier to understand I will use two different shapes for the “Sinner sim” v.s. the “Saint sim”
Authors Note(s)
If you have any colors you would like to be added for any of the sins or virtues, please feel free to make suggestions
This challenge was inspired by the various "making the seven deadly sins as sims" videos that I used to binge on youtube, but so far as challenges are concerned I dont believe there is another challenge with the same/similar premice.
I would love to hear if you decide to play the challenge

Wrath / Patience
Must have the Hot Headed trait
Red Color Scheme
Not allowed to have a job
Turquoise Color Scheme

Envy / Kindness
Must have the Kleptomaniac trait
Green Color Scheme
This sim must join the Criminal Career
This sim may only try to romance sims that are already married
Green Color Scheme
If you have city living, go into the Political Career, Charity organizer branch

Gluttony / Temperance
Must have the Glutton trait
Orange Color Scheme
Must join the Chef career, Chef branch
If you have spa day, practice wellness and try to complete at least one of the aspirations associated with it
Green Color Scheme

Lust / Chastity
Must have the Romantic trait
Red Color Scheme
Must have at least two kids
May not have any children
White Color Scheme

Sloth / Diligence
Must have the Lazy trait
Black/Blue Color Scheme
May not have a job
May not have any children
Must have a job (I suggest either business or salary person)
Must always be working hard
Beige Color Scheme
Must have the Ambitious trait

Pride / Humility
Must have the Self-Assured Trait
Purple Color Scheme
May only have the actor/actress career
I suggest also using either the music mixing or video making station
May have any trait not blocked for saint sims
Brown Color Scheme

Greed / Charity
Must have the Materialistic Trait
Yellowish-Green Color Scheme
No Restriction For Color Scheme
If you have city living, go into the Political Career, Charity organizer branch
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