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Default Wardrobe Wrangler: what does it mean if a hair recolor has Teen as internal Name?
I used Wardrobe Wrangler to modify tooltips of certain hairs, but I wonder: what does it mean if only "Teen" has been checked, while in-game the hair is TU - EU? Does it matter whether I leave it like that or check all the ages when saving?
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@simmer22 any experiences?
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I rarely use the WW, and if ever on hairs/accessories (I use SimPE, because I find it easier to get an overview of what's done).

In the WW, hairs and accessories have multiple "pages", one for each age (and gender). You usually have to fix each one for these for changes to stick. I'm guessing you're on the "teen page" right now. It's basically like fixing the individual PropertySet resources in SimPE.

I'm not sure if the "copy to all" function also copy the age/gender settings, so keep an eye on that, but I think it's meant to copy the settings to all the "pages". Haven't used the WW in quite some time, so I can't remember exactly how this one works.
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tfhairlongsimple_black is just the original game name for that file.
tf - teen female
longhairsimple is just the file description
black is the color.

I would use SimPE to look at the associated files within that package. If you've cloned this as a NEW mesh but mod JUST the TEEN hair, then the other hairs in that package are default,

If you are modding JUST the teen hair but not the others - Remove the other files from the package to save on filesize since Sims2 is more sensitive to overall used-ram size. Make sure you also remove all the textures and hair ages.

If you are modding ALL the hairs, teen adult and elder, they all use the same head size, so make sure to replace the hair for each age.
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@porkypine thanks for the tip! Though I was using Wardrobe Wrangler for adding tooltips to existing hair recolors made by others, that were meshed and recolored for TF - EF. In that case, should I leave the checkboxes just as they are?
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It depends on the hair. Honestly it's difficult to say, because the name of the hair (tfhairlongsimple_black) could just be the name of the PropertySet, and those usually keep the original names.

Most likely it's just a regular recolor, for teen to elder. You can check if there's an additional page for the adult and YA plus elder ages.

Directly under the properties and all that, to the right, it says "file X out of X". That one shows each resource/PropertySet in the file. It's described in the Wardrobe Wrangler PDF on page 15 (and if you need help with anything, that PDF has a lot of tips and quick tutorials).
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