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Default How To Make A New Type Of Clone?
I want to create a Mod that allows a Sim with a certain trait to summon a clone of themselves, but one with a different outfit. Normally the only way this is done is using the Duplicato spell from Realm Of Magic and I think the SimRay.

However, I want this clone to be a Stand, summoned by a Sim who has a Stand User trait, and each specific Stand Trait is connected to a Clone Sim that wears an outfit resembling their Stand, such as this one of Killer Queen:

This clone would ideally be able to be manifested and withdrawn at will, but I'm not sure which files to edit to create a new cloning method, especially one with a different outfit.

Any other advice for my upcoming Jojo mod would also be appreciated, as well as tutorials to learn Sims 4 Python.
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