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Default Make blender file 2.70 compatible?
Hi guys
About a month ago I made a hair mesh for Aurra Sing. I took inspiration from the Sims 2 Version. ( )
Then focused on another conversion then. Now I wanted to work on the hair again and noticed, that blender can't read the file and either crushes when opening it or doesn't even start when I try to open it by double clicking.
I didn't know yet that I need Blender 2.70 and made the mesh using Blender 3.2. Unfortunately I noticed that there is no backward compatility option to choose, when I opened the file in 3.2 to save it again
Then I tried to import the mesh in S4Studio and export the mesh again but it didn't load. I think it's because of the wrong cut numbers but since Blender 3.2 doesn't have the S4Studio CAS Tools plugin I can't change them
Does anyone know how to open the file in 2.70? I don't know if I can recreate the same mesh again
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Yes, 3.x can read older versions but older blender versions can not read newer ones. About all you can do is export it as a waveform object file, then import it into 2.70 along with a current hair mesh and copy or paint the correct weights over to the problem child.

How to vertex paint a mesh -
How to transfer weights between meshes.
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Thanks. It worked
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